The New Year’s Resolution That’s Easy to Do and Will Have Big Results


It’s not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve all had them. Lose weight, quit smoking, read more, get more sleep, or make more money. We make resolutions because we’re dissatisfied with something in our life, and we want to make a change so we get different results.

But, life often gets in the way. We’re too busy to eat right and sleep more. We’re too stressed to stop smoking. We try to make more money, but we don’t really have a plan to make it happen. We’ve all been there.


You Can’t Lose With This Resolution – Save For College

Maybe New Year’s resolutions fail because they’re often all about you. You know, a little selfish. Saving for college for your child is all about others. In my last post – How Saving for College Will Change the World, But Not How You Think – I discussed how saving for college can change the world in so many ways. A selfless resolution, like saving for college, is easier to keep because it’s bigger than you. It’s about your child, his/her future and maybe even the future of your community.


Set It and Forget It

The best thing we did to start saving for our girls college is to set it up automatically from our bank. It’s so much easier when it is in the budget every month and you don’t have to think about sending in a check or scheduling a payment.

Plus, it’s not like a New Year’s Resolution that you start skipping. Once you’ve scheduled it, it’s going to take effort to stop those deposits into their accounts from happening making it much easier for you to stick to it.

auto bank setup college fund

Want the Best Results? Get Some Help.

There’s no reason to take on this resolution on your own. Just like a good friend can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions focused on you, a good partner can make saving for college simple.

What are your resolutions? Will saving for college be one of them? 

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  1. Great idea!! It’s always best to make plans that you can try and stick with. 🙂 Happy New Year….early!

  2. Hello Krystyn,

    Very interesting post, In my opinion – New Year Resolutions Ideas for Students are very important since they are looking forward to establishing a stable career.

    Your intellectual performance is only going to decrease if you don’t take care of your physical health.

    Also, an increase in your weight will decline your mental performance since you become lazy and feel fatigued all the time.

    So make sure that doing daily exercise becomes your top priority.

    Learning new things is very important if you are looking forward to competing in the modern world.

    The world belongs to those who spend their time in learning new skills and improving – This is mine overall ultimate resolution for this year.

    Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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