Show your goodness with simple acts of kindness


With the turn of the new year, I’m really focusing on gratitude and appreciation. Life is busy, and I think it incredibly easy to think only of ourselves, but it’s so much more rewarding to do good things for others! It’s one thing for parents to demonstrate and show their children how to give back. But when kids see some of their favorite people encouraging individuals to bring good and light into the world, things like the #JJShowYourGoodness campaign spread like wildfire on social media and throughout the community. Show your goodness with simple acts of kindness around your home and community.

show your goodness with simple acts of service

This is a sponsored post for Juicy Juice, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Creating Our Own Goodness

We try to encourage our girls to give and serve when they see opportunities. It could be opening a door for a person, giving them a compliment or packing lunches for the lunch program through our church. Here are just a few ways we show goodness with simple acts of kindness.

Community Lunches

In our community, there is a huge need for meals and lunches for children that typically have them provided at school. We all shopped together and purchased the shelf stable items requested by the local ministry.

packing lunches for lunch program

Then we all went to our church and worked together to pack up part of these lunches. Together we all delivered the lunch kits to a church where they were later distributed in the community. Helping those less fortunate than us sparks so much goodness for those that need food and also instills the desire for the kids to continue doing more.

packing lunches for lunch program

Written Notes

It can be something that lifts a person up, like a note telling a young girl how awesome she is after having a not so good day. And, to be honest, not only did it warm one sister’s heart, but it warmed my momma heart and encouraged me to write a note to one of our other kiddos and Mr. Serious as well. 

write a note

Works of Art

The amazing thing about kindness and generosity is that they continue around. One spark leads to another which leads to a full on fire of doing nice things for other people. Contrary to how this looks, B is enjoying having her face painted by her big sister.

face painting sisters face

Baked Goods

While visiting with their Grammi, the girls decided to bake and decorate cupcakes for their cousins and Grammi’s tennis group. It was a fun activity for them (baking and making homemade icing) and they were able to pass on their labor of love to other people that would enjoy them.

making cookies for grammi's guests


I spotted N cleaning up her cousin’s playroom. Sure, she helped make the mess, but she offered to clean it up all on her own. I spotted her organizing everything and putting it all back in it’s place. She actually did it repeatedly because my girls and their cousins kept making messes again and again. It didn’t spark the girls to clean up, but it was something she did for them, and more importantly so my sister didn’t feel the need to clean it up every night.

cleaning and organizing cousin toys

Make Music

Music makes people smile. Even a kid “making music” on a brightly painted public piano. Make the music, sing the song and make people smile. B had several compliments and people that came up to her to tell her they enjoyed the music. Sparking Goodness is so easy and almost inherit in children, we just have to make sure we nurture it and keep it going. You can always get an electronic keyboard for home to let them practice and play a song.

make music for people

Serving each other

Simple service of others is so easy to do.

  • You can encourage a friend that is having a hard day.
  • You can be a cheerleader or supporter.
  • You can be a listening ear.
  • You can be empathetic.
  • You can perform acts of service for others. 

It can be as easy as setting the table at dinner time so everybody has a drink, napkin and utensils, or can be getting an after school snack for a sister. 

getting a snack for her sister

These are just a few ways that we’ve spread goodness and continue to try to be a light in the community, but there are so many other ways you can do it, too! 

50 Ways to Show Your Goodness

Looking for more ideas to create sparks of giving and generosity, check out this click to download the full PDF with 50 ideas.

Show your goodness (#JJShowYourGoodness) and Enter to Win!

Juicy Juice is all about finding the goodness in juice and to celebrate the new year, Juicy Juice is launching “Show Your Goodness” on January 6th to findkids across the country who find simple ways to be kind to one another. Whether it’s participating in a local food drive, sending a handwritten card to a loved one or sharing a toy at school, one good deed can make a world of difference.

Catch your kids in the act!

Starting January 6th, parents can nominate their kids, age 2-10, with a photo and short caption of 100 words or less describing their good deed. Then, in late February, Juicy Juice will announce the top 25 finalists for the public to vote for their favorite. Shortly after, Juicy Juice will announce 10 grand prize winners who will each receive $1,500 to help continue their acts of goodness.

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  1. I love the cupcakes that made for you guys! That was so sweet! I’m also a fan of the little notes. Those always warm my heart.

  2. Linda Cabiness says:

    Are you available for speaking? Love for you to speak to moms at a church in North Carolina.

    1. Hi Linda-
      It’s not something I’ve considered before, but I’m open to it. Please get in touch via email.

  3. E just wrote me a sticky note with our names and a heart yesterday. She put it on the fridge and told me it was for me! <3

    1. Awww…the sweetest! I have sticky notes all over my computer and desk.

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