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It’s a little different Mommy and Me Monday this time, but it’s my thing, so I can do it however I’d like, right?

Over the winter break, my sister and family visited. We were left with a lone, favorite cat sock. I thought it was sent with my grandmother to bring back as she was going back to Houston. My sister had asked about it, but we both thought it was somewhere at her house.

But, alas, it was found a couple weeks later amongst B’s clean clothes. I sent her a picture to know I had it and I would mail it. 

Then she posted this to instagram. 

the missing sock

After a heck of a week and lots of craziness at their house, I actually checked flights to see if I could bring the lost sock to it’s correct home, and maybe help out a little, too. It was a little pricy and I didn’t want to ask Mr. Serious to work from home. 

Then, serendipitously, he sent a note that he was planning to work from home Friday. So, I went and looked again. Flights were a little cheaper so I booked an early morning flight Friday and figured out a ride from the airport to my sister’s house.

The cat sock came along on the journey. First it took a trip on the airport parking lot shuttle. 

on the dark o clock shuttle

And we stopped at an art exhibit in the walking path from terminal to terminal at the Atlanta airport. If you haven’t walked this, and you have time, you should. It’s not a long walk and there is always something beautiful to look at and some history to learn. 

with art at the atl airport

And one is like a relaxing rainforest. I knew my nieces loved this area so I had to stop and take a picture here, too. 

the rainforest at the atl airport

Comfortably nestled in an aisle seat with neither armrest secured as my own, I had a snack and the sock was documented. 

airplane snack time

Then I got too excited or nervous and forgot to take anymore pictures of the sock.

But, I remembered to get it out when I rang my sister’s doorbell. I knew she’d ask what I was doing there, so I told her “I needed to return a lost sock.”

Sometimes you just have to follow your gut and do the thing.

And maybe stop and grab a picture of the socks reunited. 


And when your niece asks to eat some of your cucumber and actually eats it and you exaggeratingly (I think I made up that word) eat some, too.

the one with the cucumber

I was lucky enough to take these two to a movie birthday party, too. I also splurged on some popcorn and a little cake. They are pretty sweet little sharers, these two!

birthday party

The sock was reunited with it’s match and I was able to help my sister and her family! Sometimes it’s about showing up. You might not know what you need to do or what needs to be done, but just showing up is a great place to start. 

So, yeah, I’m that person that will show up on your porch even if you tell me not to, or I’ll just show up and not tell you! 

What did you do this week?

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    1. Not as cute as a stuffed animal, but it’s a pretty cute sock!

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