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Parties, celebrations, gifts, oh my! What a week of all.of.the.things.

The only class that invited parents to their holiday party was B’s. I had been to various school events the previous days, but they invited parents and I could go, so I did. 

And even though I was completely overwhelmed with all of the things I felt I had to do, and didn’t really want to go, I’m so very glad that I did. 

When I arrived, the kids were all coloring on a giant sheet of paper on their desks. I was shocked at how well B drew a Christmas tree, and presents. I had no idea she could draw like this. 

Mommy and Me Monday Kindergarten Christmas

Then she scooted over and I saw reindeer and Santa with his sleigh and presents and was even more shocked! Who is this kid. 

As she was telling me all about her drawing, her friends around her were showing me theirs and told me that they all asked B to help them draw their trees because they needed help. Her heart is so big!

Mommy and Me Monday Kindergarten Christmas

One of the little boys at the table was all of a sudden very upset and when I asked what was wrong, he said his mom wasn’t going to be there. I asked if I could be an extra mom for all of them for the morning, and they agreed. This is when I knew I was meant to be there. As it turned out, of the 7 kiddos at their table, I was the only parent able to make it. (And believe me, not meaning to cause guilty feelings at all. I know so many people can’t just pop into schools to do these things).

Once a couple other parents got there, it was time to make a Santa craft.

Turns out I’m a pretty good helper with scissors and glue! And, I even showed the kids that yes, Santa doesn’t have to have peach skin and he can in fact be brown (or many other colors). 

Mommy and Me Monday Kindergarten Christmas

Once crafting was over, the kids enjoyed Santa pancakes, fruit, muffins, donuts and juice. Then it was time for a dance party.

When I was getting ready to leave, B wanted to give me a hug. My friend from early that was crying looked up and me with big eyes, I said “X, would you like a hug too?” And he just ran over and hugged me. Then it was obvious there were lots of other little friends that wanted hugs, so I told them that I’d make sure to hug anybody else that wanted a hug before I left. It was the sweetest and I’m not sure of the last time I got that many hugs in that short of an amount of time.

And just like that, the last Kindergarten Christmas party I will attend for my kids was over and I’m all the luckier! 

What did you do this week?

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