Our blinds have issues-WW


alternate title: Our house looks quite ghetto with the blinds down.

Sadly, this (meaning the cute little girl playing with the blinds) is not the biggest problem with them. 


Notice how one of the slats is broken?  And, there are pieces on the window sill?

I’m pretty sure they are made from something thinner and more brittle than butterfly wings.


If you blink too hard in the presence of our blinds,


they will break.


And, if you are like the previous owners and try to glue them together, that will fail you, too.


We need a blind fairy at our house, pronto.


Because we’ve got several more months before we are off of the Dave Ramsey plan.  And, I’m pretty sure our neighbors would like us to either a) have our blinds down more often or b) not have them look like crap!

PS.  Yes, I’m airing our dirty laundry here.  I promise we aren’t ghetto.  It’s just getting ridiculous.  One was broken, then two, then three, and now we are at five six.  Know a place to get some good sturdy blinds?  Apparently, we need some made of Kevlar.

PPS. Yes, that is snow on the ground.  In March.  In Atlanta. 

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  1. HA! Way to make lemonade out of lemons with a funny blog post!

    Sorry about your blinds. Ours are verticle and drive me BUGGY.

    P.S. Is that how you spell verticle?

  2. You should see the blinds in my son's room, they're hanging on by a thread. Most of the time, though, if just 1 or 2 slats are broken, we'll cut extras from the bottom and tape them into place to "fix" it. Yes, we have a whole blind repair system. The blinds in my son's room, though, they're just not worth it.

  3. This was happening to ours in our house before we moved. The kids broke at least 3 slats and I would say a very bad word every time (not in front of the kids of course…)

    Hope you can get some replacements soon and stay warm!

  4. That sucks that they are falling apart so easily…and blinds are so expensive…sorry!

  5. Ohh my cat used to do that to my blinds! I think they look pretty good…considering!

  6. can't believe those blinds are falling apart like that! i would suggest home depot…they have great deals there!

    love the snow…NOT! so over it!

  7. Ha! It made me laugh because my post is about blinds 🙂

    But sorry to hear about yours, that stinks!

  8. My blinds look the same way… except mine are from dogs trying to look out the window! They'll take their big ole paws & "paw at" the window, breaking the blinds… sigh! We should be neighbors! 🙂 Then we wouldnt feel so bad about them.

  9. My blinds look the same way. Clearly we joke all of the time that it looks like a crackhead lives here {you know because crackheads get paranoid and peek through the blinds all of the time.} haha!

  10. Too funny!~ Reminds me of the not just broken, but also yellow, blinds in my daughter's room. Eek! And can you believe the snow yesterday? We got some, but not as much as you! So… you won the Bravado giveaway on my blog! I'd love to get together for lunch & deliver them…or I can just ship them. Let me know what you think!:)

  11. Sorry your blinds are frustrating you. I'm uber impressed that your not going out and getting new ones. But I like to say, now that its not a NEED,, you can use this time to research and plan and dream about the ones you want, and make sure your getting a HUGE bargain on them!.

    I recommend JC Penneys Clearance bin and a coupon!:)

  12. I seriously hate blinds. Thankfully, we rent and my daughter hasn't really noticed them yet.

    When we get a house, I'm going to push for us to get the windows that have the blinds built into the window. Simple.

  13. selectblinds.com

    I used them for my husband's house (before we were married) and they are still in great shape and are very reasonably priced compared to Smith & Noble, etc.

  14. There is one blind in the daycare room that looks like that. lol I had to go and invest in some scotch tape. I probably spend more on the tape in a year than buying new blinds. Oh the things we do as mothers.

  15. we have roller blinds that are totally ghetto. The kids are so rough on em. I've decided not replacet them until the kids move out. Or I win the lottery (which I never play). Whatever comes first.

  16. Too bad we aren't neighbors, we could be ghetto-blinded together!

    Our pets tear our blinds up. The dogs just step on the blinds to look outside and the cats always sneak behind them (thus bending and breaking them)

  17. I never put our blinds down b/c I'm scared the kids will break them!

    I would love to change ours to a Roman shade so it's more durable!

  18. Ughh our dogs decided to destroy a set of our blinds about two weeks after we installed them. Awesome.

  19. Yikes!! That's crazy. I wonder what they are really made of? Ours aren't real wood and have held up great thus far. No idea what they are though?

  20. OMG that's sorta funny but not! I hope you can get some new ones I'll be sending the blinds fairy over asap 🙂

  21. Those blind are on their last leg, aren't they? 🙂

  22. gotta love the ghetto 🙂

    time for us to have a window shopping trip!

  23. Ha! You could just tape up a sheet like some people I know. : ) Happy WW!

  24. The older they get, the more brittle they become too! I have that problem and that's why I always keep the extras at the bottom of mine. But then restringing them is a horror!

  25. My livingroom blinds are starting to look that way!

    Whenever I look at them, I start humming the theme to Sanford and Son…

  26. that is so funny! we put up the CHEAPEST blinds in the rental just to get through and we pulled them up the other day and couldn't get them to come down. i almost peed my pants watching chris try to fix them…i mean cheap!!

  27. DId you say Ghetto?

    OH MY! It's just good to see that were not the only one's who have a window with blinds that are all messed up

  28. My kids broke some blinds at my parents house too. Some of them just break so easily and it's frustrating and costly to replace them.

  29. Oh dear! That is lovely my dear! I used to drive a Ghetto van, one where we had to duct tape the hood shut. Bein' ghetto freaking rocks. Just sayin' LOL

  30. that is kinda funny and kinda sad all at the same time! Here's to quick couple of months then you are off the DR plan! 🙂

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