Searching the black market

I went to BRU today to purchase a gift for a friend for her baby shower. I was dead set on getting her the lime green Bumbo with tray on her registry. After all, my pumpkin loved hers and still does.

After looking everywhere for the thing, I finally asked an associate where they were. He said “they’re recalled” which I assume meant they didn’t carry them anymore. Then, I remember, somebody sent me something about a Bumbo recall some time ago and I remember thinking how stupid it was.

Apparently, too many parents put their kids on counters, table-tops, etc. and their kids fell crashing to the floor while unattended and ended up with head injuries. Now, I feel bad for the kids (and a little bad for the parents who must know it is their fault), but really? It says don’t put it up on the counter and especially don’t leave them unattended! They don’t recall changing tables which kids fall off of all the time. So, why the Bumbo?

Now, I must go search the black market for a highly coveted lime green Bumbo for baby Preston!

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  1. We just ordered one online from Wal-Mart. I know Target has them too. I’m not sure if they are in the stores though. I never checked.

  2. I agree – I think it is ridiculous that they were recalled because the parents didn’t have as much sense as to watch the baby in it.

    Good Luck finding them! I think there’s another seat out there like the Bumbo – BeBe Pod or something? I’m sure you’ll find it though! Karys loved hers too. Good Luck!!

  3. I was just at Target last week and they had them. I dont know when the recall was though. Good luck!!

  4. Seems so strange that only BRU would take them away (if walmart and target still have them) – I was shocked too when I got the email saying they were re-called – stupid parents if you ask me! I dont have a child, but I still know better than to leave an infant unattended!

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