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I’ve been gluten and dairy free for almost 4 years. My stomach and my body thank me for this. I’ve slipped here and there…and it’s always regret. Always. I oftentimes don’t look for replacements and try to eat foods that are naturally gluten and dairy free. But, sometimes, you just need a cupcake. I’ve had one since I started this food journey until earlier this month when Baker Dude reached out and offered to send me some paleo cupcakes…aka gluten and dairy free cupcakes. I guess it’s safe to say that I accepted!

Baker Dude Paleo Cupcake Promo Code

In Atlanta

They are about to open a totally new, cool, and different concept for Atlanta; a new store front in the Beacon in November (hopefully on track) they are looking to explode on the scene. Oh, and did I mention they will deliver? Because they showed up to my house in a cute box with each cupcake individually packaged and labelled to avoid any contamination.

Baker Dude Paleo Cupcakes

You guys, let me just tell you, these cupcakes are delicious! I even had Mr. Serious jump on a Facebook live with me to try them because he eats all of the gluten and dairy. I wanted his thoughts, too. They are incredibly moist, not too sweet and the icing is just right.

Baker Dude Paleo Cupcake Promo Code

I have a sweet tooth, don’t get me wrong, but cakes and icing that is too sweet is too much for me. This was just the right amount!

Baker Dude Paleo Cupcake Promo Code

The paleo flavors that we tried were Mi Amor Cacao, Nutty Nana, Beet-Alicious Red Velvet and Coco-Nilla. The Mi Amor Cacao was my favorite and Nutty Nana was Mr. Serious’ favorite.

More Options

In addition to the paleo cupcakes, Bake Dude also offers these other options with even more flavors:

  • Naked (not frosted)
  • Frosted
  • Gluten Free
  • Paleo
  • Boy-Cakes
  • Vegan

About Baker Dude

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica as the 3rd of 4 children. His parents were interior decorators and taught him the trade. The Matriarch of the family, his mother, baked Jamaican Christmas cakes every Christmas and he was involved in every way since the time he could stand. Once the Head Baker Dude could see over the oven he started baking on his own with a box Pineapple Upside down mix (I know, a box) and it came out great.

Originally running Baker Dude out of his kitchen under a Cottage License, he began selling cupcakes online and when the new year came and everyone was on a diet (until February), he used the time and found a commercial baker. This allowed him to be able to keep up with the demand and reach a wider audience – BAM Baker Dude 2.0 at Farmer’s Markets came into sight as well as offering customers more of a variety online as well. When the Farmer’s Markets came to an end for the winter break, they were fortunate enough to land a retail spot at Peachtree Center Plaza and that gave birth to Baker Dude 3.0!

Trying Baker Dude Cupcakes Live

Promo Code

If you want to try these delicious cupcakes or many of the other flavors, use code RUSERIOUS-17 for 10% off valid through 12/22/17.

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Let me know if you’ve tried these cupcakes or you plan to give them a try!


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