Thankful for Spring


I’m so glad Spring is finally here.  No more thick coats or jackets.  No more electric blankets (stop laughing) or heaters turned on.

Just sun, glorious sun!

Sun that brings happy faces, sun-kissed cheeks, accentuates the bright red hair and the tightest little curl ringlets.

Seriously Spring #2

Sun that allows the flowers to grow.  And, us to stop to take the time to enjoy them.

Serious girls Spring

Sun that makes us squint just a little too much in the front yard.   And inspires us to pick the tiniest of perfect little yellow flowers.

Serious Spring #1

Sun that inspires me to get to work on that long overdue Photo Book.  The one that I need to do for our youngest’s 2nd year of life, and our oldest’s 3rd and 4th year of life (I’m so behind).

Sun that reminds us that we soon need to send out Mother’s Day Cards (oops, probably missed that opportunity, but at least the gift is on it’s way) and start planning Father’s Day Cards.

Spring. I’m so glad you are here.  Now, if you could just lay off of the terrible storms that are popping up everywhere, and do a little more of that rainbow thing, I’d certainly be thankful.


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  1. I was just talking about how thankful I was for warm weather and all the cute little girl clothes that come with it! 🙂

  2. Would your spring please come over to mine and give it a little kick in the butt! we could use it… it looks beautiful there!

    1. Giving spring a swift kick, now. Granted, it’s been chillier here the last couple days.

  3. Thanks for the Mother’s Day reminder! (for cards that is). I’ve gotten SO bad about that! ACK! But yes, a gift is on the way so…

    Love the photos of your pretty girls.

    1. I’m terrible about cards lately. Hopefully, the gift, and a phone call will make up for it. As it is, my poor sister is having to wrap them ,too!

  4. Love your pictures. Your girls are like little suns themselves.
    Need to sign up for that shutterfly review. Cards can always be put to good use. And kids love photobooks with their own pictures

    1. Awww…thanks, girl!

      Yes, you should do it! I’m so behind on the photo books, I already have a credit I won from something else that I need to use.

  5. beautiful photos and I second your sentiment.
    I am so so thankful for spring and all that comes along with it (except the darn storms!)

    1. The storms have been crazy brutal here, too! It’s just amazing (in a not good way)!

  6. I just bought my daughter a new wardrobe for spring/summer. I love how BRIGHT and cute little girl clothes are! I just wish my allergies weren’t so terrible. It kinda puts a damper on all the spring fun!

    1. Oh, the allergies. Of course. My eyes are killing me. And, that’s with taking medicine.

  7. grandma Pat says:

    Cute pictures of the girls. Spring has been here in Texas for months have had the air on since the beginning of March. Wish we would get some of the rain. Your lawn looks great and is that a yellow Iris that was blooming?

    1. You know I don’t know what type of flower it is. It’s yellow on one side and purple on the other. I don’t remember seeing them in our yard before, but I guess they’ve been there all along.

  8. I am so far behind on my photos. My daughter has promised to help me with them this summer. We’ll see…

    1. Thank you! If you saw from another angle, though, you’d see the patch where there should be grass and there isn’t.

  9. Hurray for sun and spring! We are just starting to slowly warm up here – not too many flowers yet. But I’ll take what I can get! Beautiful pictures of your girls!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I hope Spring comes to you very soon. It’s May for goodness sakes. No more snow.

  10. Love the spring pics of the girls…it’s unfortunately already starting to feel more like summer here in FL 🙁

    1. I know. I can’t believe you guys were in the water and swimsuits. We haven’t broken those out, yet.

  11. Must say…I laughed when you brought up the electric blanket. In atlanta? 🙂 I love spring too – although today I have a fleece on 😉

    1. Yep. I’m an old lady at heart. But, our two story house only has one HVAC unit, so it’s always freezing in the winter and hot in the summer!

  12. i love sun kissed cheeks.

    and ps – the large chicken nugget pictures?? totally cracking me up!!

  13. Janice Cooper says:

    I so agree, especially for me since I live in Michigan and its been a looooong winter for us. I’m ready for warm weather and consistent sunshine! I love the pictures you posted. So pretty and springy!

  14. OMG! I am with you! Spring is a wonderful time of year! It is summer here and we are loving it!

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