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When I read the characteristics of the middle child, I’m certain she was born to be a middle child.

She is all class clown. She knows how to get a laugh and knows how to push our buttons.

Her pajamas? Shorts, then another pair of shorts. On top? A shirt, then a pair of shorts around her neck, then a Hello Kitty shirt with only one sleeve on. Followed by one lone purple sock.

When you ask to take her picture she’ll stick out her tongue, but still pose and stand there long enough for it to take. And, she’ll want to see it, too.

class clown

When daddy tells her something, she says “yes ma’am” just to get under his skin.

When I correct her “th” at the end of “bath”, she intentionally says “baf” with an even harder “f” just to mess with me.

Even when she hears us, she’ll say “wwwhhhhaaattt?” super loud and then giggles.

She loves her little sister and being a big sister with all her being. She grabs her, hugs her and kisses her. She even wants to hold her in her bouncy seat. “Mommy, she likes it when I put my arm like this.” Yeah, sweetie, that’s totally what “liking it” looks like.

Yep, she’s gonna be trouble!

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  1. I looooove this post! Lilah, our middle child, is this to a T! She’s been super difficult lately (but can go from difficult, to class clown, to sweet as can by in 5 seconds flat! Oh my) and I even said to my mom today, “maybe it’s middle child syndrome?!” haha!

    1. Funny how it works with the twins. I mean Lilah is only middle by a couple minutes right?

      And, nail on the head..difficult to funny to sweet in the blink of an eye. Just tonight we got sweet and polite and I said to Mr. Serious “who is that girl?”

  2. What a doll…and she looks JUST like you!

    Your girls are so fun to watch grow! And they’ve grown up so much in such a short time!!

    1. Wait a second…when have you seen pictures of me being sassy? Hmmmm….

  3. grandma Pat says:

    She’s definately a hoot and does do some pretty goofy things. Middle children are the best though. Just think she’s going to be just like your mother!!!!!!!

  4. Cute! She sounds like such a blessing to have around. We all could use a little class clown to liven things up a bit. Middle children are the best! (I’m married to one. lol)

  5. Oh Oh she is sticking her tongue out lol. I was afraid of girls before I had mines but now I am even more afraid of the attitude

    1. Oh, they have attitude, but they are alos super sweet, too!

  6. So sweet and stinkin’ cute! I love the combination of the picture and “that’s what liking it looks like”! Hilarious!

    1. She is just too much. She calls her older sister the wrong name on purpose…

  7. oh for the love of the middle child 🙂

    they are extra special!!

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