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What is your beauty story?


A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a conference. Mom2.0. Dove was the main sponsor. Their message is all about self-esteem, positive beauty image and loving yourself.

The focus during our conference (and beyond) was “What is your beauty story?”

what is your beauty story

This wasn’t to be a long, drawn out paragraph. You were to think and come up with it. IN SIX WORDS. The last time I wrote six words was the draft of a post that never was published.

First miscarriage. Now infertility. This sucks.

Yeah, that was a tough time in my life. Our lives.

Now, we were challenged to come up with our current beauty story. Six words that defined it for us. Soledad O’Brien (yes, that Soledad O’Brien) started us off with talking about her life and experiences (both in and out of the public eye).

Her beauty story is “I’m starting to love my hair” after much trial and tribulation with her hair and everything it meant for her. 

Sitting in that session, it didn’t dawn on me to try to come up with six words. Beauty? Me? Nope. 

Despite Mr. Serious being in my life for over 18 years and probably telling me at least once daily that I’m beautiful, most days, I don’t believe it. 

Most of my childhood I was told much less. I was told I was fat, ugly, freckle-face and a lot of other mean things by not only the other kids around me, but also at least one adult, too. 

Guys, that doesn’t just go away when the person is removed from your life. That shit sticks with you. 


So, as I’m going through the conference, I find that there is an opening with a self-esteem session with local Girl Scouts that Dove has asked us to join. And, I join, not really knowing what to expect.

what is your beauty story

This? Is what greets us on the table. “What is your beauty story?”

There is is again. I was not prepared for this. 

There were two main hosts and they were helping facilitate the conversation. They were asking the girls (ages 8-14) how they felt when seeing certain models in magazines. How it made them feel when somebody said they were cute? Fat? Ugly? Adorable? They weren’t asking easy questions.

I wish I was as smart as these girls now and in the past when I was their age. There is a lot we can learn from them. Their answers were spot on and exactly how I hope my daughters would answer.

Towards the end of our hour together, everybody was challenged to share their Beauty Story. Their six words.

Blurgh. Can I just sneak out the door? But, I took my time and it came to me. 

First, I want to share what one young lady said that sort of took my breath away. And also made me realize I’m not there yet.

“I now accept who I am.”


Seriously, I’m not there and not sure I ever will be.

My six word? My beauty story?

“I’m getting stronger and better, daily.”

Truly, everyday it’s a struggle to be okay with myself. And most days, it’s less than even okay. I could do better. I could be better. And, that will always be the case. But, I’m getting there. I’m getting stronger in myself and my skin. (I was always the person that would tell you that you have spinach in your teeth.”) But, I’m getting better about saying how I feel and not letting people walk all over me. 

I’m getting to be a stronger and better version of myself!

That’s my beauty story. What’s yours?

Beauty is these ladies

Thank you to my beautiful friends @JaMonkey and @RedHeadBabyMama for being there and being friends!


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  1. Mr. Serious says:

    You are beautiful. Inside and out.

    There’s another 6 words for you ;-).

  2. All the feels, now! You are beautiful, my wonderful friend. Inside and out. Love you.

  3. Sweet post! I’m proud of you! You are beautiful and amazing and strong and talented and a perfect mom…and that pink dress sure does look familiar! And if it’s the dress I think it is I remember sending it to you and you were NOT happy with the color saying it wouldn’t look good with your skin tone. Well, you proved that dress wrong and YOU look very pretty in it.

  4. Jennifer Marie says:

    You look great! It’s important to love yourself first…

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