Which Yogurt is the best Greek Yogurt?


This story was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best Greek yogurt was determined by me.

We are big Greek yogurt eaters in our house. We like it for it’s thickness, it’s not-to-sweetness and it’s slightly tartness. (Yes, made up words). We’ve know of Chobani and enjoyed it on many occasions, but did you know that Yoplait has their own blended Greek yogurt?

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

Yoplait asked us to have a #TasteOff and try both brands of Greek yogurt and determine which we like better (do we agree with nearly 2 out of 3 Americans that prefer Yoplait over Chobani?)

Upon opening them, without any stirring, I was drawn more to the Yoplait. I could see the blueberries in whole form right away. I had to mix up the Chobani to see the blueberries.

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

I enlisted the help of my youthful taste-testers. They are much cuter eating then I am (however, I tried them out, too).

I asked N to try both of them and let me know her thoughts. First the Chobani.

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

Then the Yoplait.

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

I also enlisted E’s help. Hers were in the same order. Chobani on the right first, then Yoplait on the left.

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

It’s hard to tell here, but E finished off the one on the right (Chobani) and asked for more.

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

I asked N to point to the one she liked better, also Chobani. Of course, getting her to articulate why she liked it better? Not so easy.

Yoplait Greek vs. Chobani

After trying both of the yogurts, I have mixed feelings. However, if I have to pick, I prefer the Chobani as well. It’s thicker and has a little more of a tart taste. It’s also not nearly as sweet tasting as the Yoplait. I felt like the Yoplait was much sweeter and tasted more like traditional yogurt, of which I’m not a fan.

In our house? Chobani wins.

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  1. Looks like your girls took their jobs seriously. LOL! Love it! I prefer a sweeter taste so Yoplait was the winner here. BTW, I had trouble getting the Yoplait link to work, not sure if it was just an issue on my end.

    1. Oh, they did! And, I have a sweet tooth, too, but not for my yogurt!

      Thanks for letting me know about the links…I hope they are fixed now!

  2. I prefer a more tart Greek yogurt, too. I haven’t tried Yoplait Greek yogurt yet, I’ve tried Chobani and I think it pretty tasty

  3. Barbara Montag says:

    I vote for Chobani also!
    It might cost a bit more but worth it.

  4. I will have to try these. I love yogurt!

  5. i haven’t tried either of these, but i do like oikos a lot. maybe its the john stamos commercials! 😉

    1. Ha! That’s funny, Jamie. I don’t think I’ve tried that brand, either:) Uncle Jesse can sell some yogurt.

  6. I haven’t seen Chobani up here in Canada but I have had Yoplait. I enjoy Activa regular yogurt but they don’t make Greek. I have tried a lot of greek yogurts too and am not sure I have settled on a favourite yet. Maybe I will go get some Yoplait again and try it.

  7. We took this challenge and Yoplait won here. We have eaten Yoplait for years, so I think the kids were a bit biased lol

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever tried either of these yogurts. I want to to. I’m running to the store today, maybe I’ll grab some to try.

  9. What a neat experiment. I can’t say that I know if I’d prefer one or the other. It’s cool to compare them at the same time. I usually just buy what is on sale but if one is clearly better than the other, then I’ll go with the favorite instead of the sale. Now I’m curious to see which one my family would prefer.

  10. Very interesting. I think my intial reaction is to assume that i’d like yoplait more because it seems more fun and flavorful just based on the labeling where as chobani has a more classic look that makes me think its bland. I’ll have to try them side by side to really compare, I think.

  11. wow I have never thought about having a yogurt taste test. That gets me an idea for a party.

  12. It took me a little while to get used to greek yogurt, but now that I’m used to it, I much prefer it! Loved seeing the taste test!

  13. I liked the Yoplait because it is not as “Greek” flavored. I want to be used to the stronger Greek yogurt flavor, but haven’t quite gotten there yet so I’m happy with Yoplait’s option! Looks like your girls had fun with the taste test!

  14. I did this as well, and I didn’t like the Chobani at all, but I’ve never been a Greek yogurt fan. I agree that the Yoplait tasted like regular yogurt, and that was one of the reasons I liked it so much. Just goes to show why more than one product can survive on the market. We all have different tastes. 🙂

  15. I love yogurt! I haven’t tried this brand yet. I’ll pick some up on my next grocery trip. Your girls look adorable!!!

  16. I’m not a Yoplait fan it’s too sweet for my liking. I never buy the blended because I like to stay away from sugar but I have bought Chobani flavored on many occasions!

  17. Chobani is the one we pick, too. But I don’t like chunks in my yogurt, so I stick with vanilla/plain varieties.

    1. Too funny! Most of the time, I actually add a ton more fruit to my yogurt!

  18. I was just going to say. I am not a fan of Yoplait because I have tasted some of their yogurts before and it was just way too sweet like I feel like eating sugar. We are more on the Chobani side and yes to the tartness and the thickness.

  19. Great post, I love the idea of a taste-off! By the sounds of it, I’d go with the Chobani too even though I’d be drawn to the one where I could see the fruit too.

  20. I always have a hard time picking yogurt winners too. We try to buy organic yogurts that aren’t artificially flavored or colors. Of course, sometimes I just buy what is on sale. I love that your girls helped taste test the Chobani and Yoplait greek yogurts!

  21. Judging by “looks” alone, the Chobani looks gross. BUT – looks can (and are) deceiving. We often have Honey vanilla flavored (brand escapes me right this second) and its yummy!

  22. I have actually never had greek yogurt of any sort. I need to grab some Chobani and give it a try!

  23. Judith Martinez says:

    I prefer Chobani also! Yoplait puts too much sugar in their yogurts.

  24. Richard Hicks says:

    I like chobani the best. Has a better feel and nice taste to it.

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