Who gets the kids?


Planning for bad things? Totally stinks. Like hate it.

A couple of years ago, Mr. Serious and I sat down and wrote our wills. Ugh, I hate even thinking about it. Thinking about anything happening to us and leaving our girls without us is terrifying. (Note to selves, go update your will, you need to include E. She’d appreciate it.)

We did something that probably would make most people cringe. We set up our will, and put a person or persons as the girls guardians, and didn’t tell them. Gasp. We didn’t ask them, we just did it. (And, if you think it’s you, or not you, don’t ask. We won’t tell you. And hopefully, you ever, ever, ever know!)

For a couple reasons. We didn’t want any family members or friends to have their feelings hurt. And, we pray that it never comes to that.

IMG 1445

In the event that something does happen, fortunately, we’ve budgeted for life insurance for both of us. It’s tougher making sure we keep it at the right amount now that I’m working from home, but we make it a priority.

So the person or persons that would get the kids should it ever come to that, will be okay and the girls will be taken care of.

The thought of this is seriously giving me the icks, but I know it’s important for us to do as parents. Do you have life insurance for yourselves? Even more icky to think about, do you have it for your kids?

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  1. Christine says:

    Yes for us …
    No for our kids …

    No wills. But we’ve told my parents they get the kids. That may change as we get older and my step-kids are in places to parent their younger sisters, but if we were to die today, my parents will get the girls. Yes … we need to get that in writing. We’re just too lazy to actually do it.

    1. Yes, definitely in writing..just in case. My logic is if I’ve written it down, I’ll never have to use it!

  2. Not much life insurance to speak of, but we do have wills, living wills, etc. Unfortunately, we DID tell people who would get the kids (and who the back up was…and their backup)….and now that we’re considering changing the back up…well, let’s just say that I’m hoping they grow up and we die of old age before that actually happens

    1. I’m hoping the growing up part happens, too! Even with a good choice:) (But, that’s why I didn’t tell anybody! People can be crazy!)

  3. Life insurance for me-check (still have that policy that needs to be switched over to be in addition to)
    Hubs-not right now
    However, if something should happen to me he knows there are three girls in the ATL my insurance is supposed to pay for college, cars, weddings, wants, etc. So naturally I’ll assume the person/persons are us/me.

  4. I hate thinking about this too, but well, you just have to…

  5. This was totally awkward for Hubs and I, too. We made generic wills when we got married, and now we’re updating to include Red. So weird. I’m glad you have them made, though!!

    1. It’s soooo not fun, though….and I still need to update to add E!

  6. We don’t have life insurance set up yet, but we did recently have a discussion about needing to prepare for these things. Mr. S proclaimed that we can never take the same airplane again, but then I reminded him that Baby S would be with one of us either way and are we just going to take separate cars too? Thanks for the reminder to really set these things up.

    1. Yeah, that thought about the air travel has crossed my mind. But, we’ve never both been gone on a plane, so we haven’t had to worry about it!

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