Teaching hair self-care to kids with sensitive skin


With four little heads and bodies to help wash in our house, it’s important to teach them how to care for themselves; brush their teeth, have good overall hygiene, wear deodorant when needed, wear clean clothes and more.

One way that we’ve tried to do this is to help our kids learn early on how to wash themselves in the bath and / or shower as well as grooming afterwards.


Of course, when you add in super sensitive skin and a very sensitive scalp (we’ve actually ended up at the doctor for it previously), you want to make sure you are teaching them with something like SoCozy’s new collection called HUSH. It’s dermatologist and allergy tested to treat sensitive scalp and includes Hush Sensitive Serum, Hush Sensitive Foam, Hush Sensitive 2in1, and Hush Sensitive Detangler.


Unlike other SoCozy products, these products can be found down the baby aisle. We were lucky enough to find them at a neighboring Target.

The sensitive 2in1 soothing shampoo + conditioner has one of the most unique application techniques and bottles. With a soft scrubbing brush, it really helps to gently stimulate the scalp, which our 8 year old really needs.

SoCozy HUSH shampoo

  1. When first starting, we use our hands to guide the girls washing their hair and showing them the best way to wash and make sure they are cleaning their whole head.
  2. We watch them do it a couple times on their own, making suggestions as needed.
  3. After their shower, we check their heads for spots they might have missed rinsing or washing (even if that means sending them back to the shower).

Even if they aren’t quite ready to start washing, they can help with applying styling foam, which is especially useful for curly hair, or sensitive scalp serum if they need it. (My red heads have the most sensitive of skin and scalps. This serum is great for them.


Starting with product, I first pump to show them how much to use, and once I feel like they won’t use to much, they are completely on their own for applying it.


Even simply letting them play with a gentle brush or comb through their hair, your hair or a doll’s hair is a great way to show how to brush hair and help it to be tangle free.

SoCozy is great for tangles, frizzies, flakiness, and bedhead—the challenges of kids’ hair have finally met their match. I like that they have clean, healthy, non-toxic formulas that deliver great results, fast, every time. While the HUSH line doesn’t seem to have a scent, we’ve used some of the other amazing SoCozy products, and every time I smell the girls after using it, it reminds me of how much I like it!

How do you help your kids foster their hair self-care?

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  1. We’re starting to teach Red how to do his hair product and brush in the morning. It saves me time and makes him self sufficient!

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