Creating Healthy Habits at Home


Having kids that are conscious of our world is important to me. They know that if they throw something away that should go into the recycle bin, I will ask them to collect it and put it in the proper place.

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They also know it’s important what we put in and on our bodies. We have to put good and healthy things in and on our body because it’s what makes us.

Here are a couple ways we create healthy habits at home:

1. Get steps in.

We emphasize being healthy and moving around a lot. Sometimes we make it a fun game, other times it’s a dance party, and other times it’s a nice walk outside. The key is to make sure you are moving.

2. Use what you have.

You don’t have to do anything fancy or need fancy equipment. Use a wall for an exercise. Use a chair for some exercise. Just use what you have to incorporate some extra moves and motion.

3. The Three Rs

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Taking care of the Earth is important. Taking care to not be wasteful and reusing what we can is emphasized in our house. Our goal is actually to have more recycling each month than trash. Ideally, we have less of both, and we are working on that.

Aim to not be wasteful. We turn lights off when we don’t need them. We turn the water off as soon as needed. We

4. Get the right amount of sleep and rest

Being healthy involves getting the right amount of sleep and rest. I know if I don’t, I’m more susceptible to getting sick and just being unhappy. When I’m getting the right amount of sleep, I feel better.

5. Eat organic and healthy foods

You are what you eat always sticks with me. It’s important to make sure we are putting good food into our body with well-rounded meals and organic options like Stonyfield YoKids Squeezers.

6. Swap personal care with more natural and eco-friendly options

When it comes to personal care, that’s really in the same category as food; it goes on your skin (your biggest organ) and also into your body. Introducing new Tom’s of Maine Products like Tom’s new Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste and a Summer Fun Tween Deodorant for me and the girls is just one easy way to do so. (They also make men’s and boys as well!)

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How do you create healthy habits at home?

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  1. Yes! Same here.
    And that lunch looks fantastic! Well done!

  2. Sleep is so important!! Chase makes fun of me for going to bed super early, but I need my Zzzzs!

  3. Yes. I couldn’t agree more. We are trying at our very best to have an organic healthy lifestyle in our household.

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