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Blogging has taken a back burner for me lately. 

I miss it. I miss the interaction. The community. Reading what you are doing. Catching up.

Being a mom has to come first. And, lately, I’ve been sitting upstairs in a certain somebody’s room either a) nursing, b) rocking c) shhhh-ing and rocking or a combination of all three.

4 month waking

Wednesday night- Thursday morning (oh, say 10pm-3am) I was trying to reason with my 4 month old and had a come to Jesus talk with her about why she should be asleep. First, that didn’t work. Second, can you tell I’m sleep deprived? Third, I think I really thought that would work. Then, the next day, I tried to open the van door with the garage door opener. And pressed it several times trying to figure out why the heck the stupid door wouldn’t open. Seriously it didn’t even dawn on me the first time I hit it. Wow.

In between the snuggling time, there has been a lot of this, too. She’s been upset so much her voice has dropped some and is a little scratchy. And, I’ve done everything from wearing her to rocking to nursing to laying her down to laying down with her. (Thinking now….I haven’t tried a bath…..hmmm).

4 month waking

She will finally settle down and snuggle in and let me rock her until my arm falls asleep. (This was soo the chair to have when we had our first. Now I wish I had one that was more like a chair with cushiony arms…like you’d have in your living room).

4 month waking.png

If I’m lucky, and have rocked her long enough, I can swaddle her up (we’re in the process of trying to break the swaddle), and she’ll go to sleep. Now, staying asleep is another question.

4 month waking

After posting on instagram (@SeriousKrystyn) and facebook, I learned of the 4 month waking time. I don’t ever remember this period with the older two. Maybe it was because they were in daycare and getting bottles of pumped milk during the day. But, after reading that article, we did jump on the “they must be hungry lets start them on food” thing. Had I know what I was doing (and maybe thought to ask some of you smart moms out there, I would have learned of this).

So, after nursing her several times before bed last night and keeping her up a little more in the evening, she slept! Which means I slept. And, oh what a new day it is!

4 month waking 

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  1. for reals. mama sleep is like gold. here’s hoping you get even more shut-eye and that little belly of hers stays full! 🙂

    1. Hmmm..sadly, not much better. I’m hoping this phase is one of the quicker ones to pass. I’m certain I won’t miss it!

  2. Awww look at the baby. Motherhood comes first although blogging does help keep me sane.

  3. I remember hearing about the 4 months wakeful. I don’t think my son went through it, and if he did, we didn’t notice. Not that he is a good sleeper, quite the contrary. He is 13 months and has yet to sleep a 5 hours stretch. So NOT sleeping is the norm in this household 😛

    1. Okay, I’m sorry. That really does stink. I hope he just eats and goes straight to sleep!

  4. Oh my oldest definitely went through this! And it’s funny that we forget or maybe don’t even know certain things even after three. I’m trying to start potty training K and I guess I’ve blocked out what I did the other two times – ha! Of course each child is different too. Anyway, glad you are both getting some more rest!!

    1. I don’t want to remember, but I don’t want to forget, either? You know. (Gosh, can you tell I got no sleep again because that totally doesn’t make sense).

      And, potty training. Yeah, not ready to even think about that ship..I still remember the last time!

  5. So glad you got some sleep!

    I am in the process of getting back into the grove of blogging, commenting, etc. It feels good to be back in full force!

    1. And, then she no-sleeped me again. Stinker!

      Case in point..I’ve noticed you are back and see you in my reader, but haven’t had a chance to come by yet.

  6. *sigh* I’m so there with you right now. I think my almost 4 month old is actually teething. He’s been drooling, eating his hands, crying and refusing the breast during these crying fits. We realized that he is using his hands to soothe and picked up a teething ring today. So far it’s helping…

    1. We’ve got the drooling and eating hands, too, but I’m not sure she’s teething yet (I went back and looked at my oldest’s 4 month note and she was doing this too, and didn’t get a tooth until 11 months.

      Glad the teething ring is helping.

    1. Thanks, Jen. She went back to no sleeping again last night! Ugh.

  7. It’s funny how you totally forget all of that when they get older. It’s so, so tough when you’re in the middle of it though, huh? Hope the sleeping is continuing!

  8. So sorry sweetie, I’m glad you got one night of sleep.
    I sure hope things settle down and she gets to a routine… just keep it up and eventually she will get with the program.
    I can’t believe how much she looks like the other girls – beautiful!
    HUGS to you all!

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