All she needed was a little privacy-MM


Potty-training post ahead…

We’ve been working on it forever! I think #1 first went on the potty at 15 months (out of her own free will…I was am not pushing this issue)! And, here we are at 28.5 months still working on it.

Well, this weekend, we finally found something that works for the #2. She just wants her privacy. If we sit in there with her to keep her company, she screams, whines and begs for a diaper.

But, close the door, and a little “tell us when you are done” and huge success.

So, say a little prayer that we are getting close. I’m sick of spending money on pull-ups!!!

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  1. Wow, potty-training doesn’t sound like much fun. 🙁 You’ll have to keep posting updates so I can know what craziness to expect down the road! 🙂

  2. well would you want someone in there with you?? haha 🙂 maybe N will be easier because she see’s Izzy doing it?? (fingers crossed!)

  3. I cant help but snicker at your small caption. Although its not classy and not cool….its still a tad bit funny, hehe. Keep us posted on how things are going.

  4. Good luck! She'll get there! 2 things finally made us successful: M&M;'s as currency and one of those small kid potties. I didn't want to use one because then I'd have to constantly clean it- but we found out because she could be so independant using it, then she would. And we also found out she was a little afraid of the big potty. After about 6 months we switched to the big potty no problem!

  5. So cute she wants her privacy! I’ve never heard of a kid doing that, but hey if it works 🙂 I’d be all for it too!

    Love, Mere

  6. love that she wants her privacy!! honestly i can’t blame her 🙂

  7. Yeah…fingers crossed that she is almost there!! It was like getting another raise (like after formula was gone!) when we stopped buying pull-ups!!
    Love the small caption! lol

  8. I loathed potty training. It was the worst part of parenting so far. But we got through it (well, with Emma at least) 3 months before she turned 3. Hopefully you continue to have success! Good luck!!!

  9. Well, maybe I'll try that. I'll be attempting it for the 3rd time after we return from Disney in a few weeks. Wish me luck & hopefully you'll be done soon!!! 🙂

    The Gift Closet

  10. Haha, not sure if I’d want anyone to keep me company either, but you were being a nice mommy 🙂 Hopefully this will do the trick!


  11. Dennis and Leslie says:

    Every woman needs some “alone time”, haha, so adorable!

  12. Hilarious! Jack likes his privacy too! I’ve got my fingers crossed that you found the magic solution…

  13. So funny! Carter went through a stage of that and I was so afraid to open the door and find a mess, but thankfully he kept his business where it needed to be.

    My nephew was just the opposite. He wanted someone in with him every time we had a No. 2 to take care of.

  14. I dread potty training again! But I am going to have to suck it up soon because EJ practically begs to use the potty!

  15. Don’t we all need that (a little privay I mean of course, not the pee on the floor) 🙂


  16. Sparkette says:

    Ahh the fun stuff! Mine was finally potty trained fully by almost 5. Rough time! Although they say boys are slower then girls when it comes to that!

  17. Oh yeah…Tate…2 1/2 yrs. old…feels the need to poop in his diaper at LEAST 2 times a day…well, those are the only 2 times he’s wearing a diaper…in the morning when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep for his nap. Argh! We’ve tried EVERYTHING we can think of…nothing works. Sigh…oh well…someday I’ll probably wish I was simply changing poopy diapers instead of dealing with a teenager! 🙂

  18. Yep, sometimes they are VERY funny about their poop. Glad you were able to figure it out. And yes, Pull Ups are expensive!! Prayers for potty training to be over soon!

  19. I can only imagine that potty training can be trying!! But I am glad you found something that works for her! I like my privacy with #2 too! haha

  20. It’s gonna happen when you at least expect it, like this weekend 🙂

    Good luck.

    Say no to Pull Ups.

  21. Chandler kicks me out of the bathroom ALL THE TIME!! She tells me to “go away” and then calls when she needs me. She sings her ABC’s, counts, tell stories while sitting there!!

    Too funny!! Keep up the good work!!

  22. I babysit for a little girl that is the same way. #1 she’d do all the time, but she always wanted a pull up or diaper for #2…then her mom realized she just wanted to be alone! Isn’t it funny how they get so private that young?!

  23. Good luck…. we are still having #2 issues with Austin.

    I hope Izzy keeps doing well with the privacy.

    Have a good week. Love, Lura

  24. Good for Izzy!

    Karys won’t go #1 or #2 if we are in there. She’ll tell us “Mommy, Go Bye Bye”. And then she’ll yell “I done” after she has completed her business.

    They are so big!

  25. See I just waited til my girls were 3 and then they were done in a week! I had no patience for potty training at all, can’t believe I did it 4 times!

  26. My first 2 pretty much trained themselves and were done by 2 years old. So, now the 3rd is here and I am scared to death she will be the child that takes until she’s 5 years old.

  27. My 2.5 year old and I are dipping our toes into the potty training waters (get it? Ha!) this week. He’s not big on the privacy. Spider-Man underwear though? Now those are worth staying dry for.

  28. RachelAnn says:

    Aww good luck! Hopefully it happens soon

  29. Good luck at potty training your little one. I somehow seem to have to do two kids one right behind the other. It seems like I just get one done and another mom says “We are going to start potty training next week.” The best thing that works for me is a weekly sticker chart or one the best one is a train chart that I found online that has an ending point for stickers. When they get all the spaces filled I give them a special prize worth a dollar or so. Love the Dollar Tree.

  30. Oh my goodness Krystyn!! That is what did it for Anya too! We just closed the door and she did it on her own. And yes, when we were in there lots of screaming and crying for a diaper too!

    Privacy is the key!! So glad it is getting better for you! We are now diaperless in this house and LOVING IT!!

  31. My sister is potty training now. She says it’s all about the Princess underwear.

    On another note, came across your blog and think it’s hysterical. Can’t wait to read more.

  32. I did the same thing with BG. I would give her a book, close the door and tell her to call me when she was done. Yet, she still doesn’t understand why I would like the same courtesy.

  33. Definitely something to keep in the back of my mind for chicken’s training – set to begin when I gather the courage to let him go in underroos during the day!

  34. Caroline did this exact same thing. However, she would just yell, “GET OUT!” “SHUT DOOR!” We got the hint. We have been potty trained/accident free for about 4 months now. She trained herself at night. She had 2 accidents on her sheets and was over that wet mess. I just hope Emma is as easy as Caroline was.

  35. ha! my daughter voluntarily went potty at 16 months, too – and we thought we had a genius child on our hands….little did we know that that was a tease! She didn’t become fully potty trained (w/o accidents) until she was 3 years and 7 months. Yeah…..ugh. Just don’t stress out about it (try, anyway) – she won’t go to Kindergarten with a diaper. 🙂

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