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And, my future as a bracelet model just ended.


Alternate title: When blinds attack.

Our ghetto* blinds are usually up during most of the year.

However, when it got cold about a month ago, I went to draw them down (despite how crappy they look).

When I pulled the cord to release them, not only did the blinds go down, but the whole gosh darn thing fell off the wall and came crashing down, right on my wrist.

The stupid things actually drew blood.  Like bandaids and antibiotic ointment for a couple days blood.

And, now, over a month later?  I have a nasty looking scar.  On my wrist. 


Good thing I never perused that bracelet modeling career…and here I thought I would have been a shoe-in.

*Did I tell you I got in trouble for saying the word ghetto?  So, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto.  Boo-ya!


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  1. lol i use the word ghetto sometimes!

    Thats a pretty nasty scar from some ghetto window blinds!

    1. I can’t believe how bad it is..I guess it’s because it’s in the crease of my wrist?

  2. I cannot believe you got in trouble for saying ghetto!!! THAT”S INSANE!! I use that word like it’s going outta style so I’d be in HOT WATER by now…lol. It’s not a bad word at all! That’s so ridiculous!!

    Love, Mere

    1. I 100% agree! Apparently, it’s offensive to some people.

  3. How can you get in trouble for using “ghetto”?

    I hate those skinny little blinds. I swear, they don’t ever work and they tend to attack. Ugh.

    1. It’s a long (and short story)!

      Oh, and these aren’t skinny blinds, either. They are the 2″ faux wood ones. They weigh a ton!

  4. I can relate and laughed when I read this. I just made myself a note to replace the GHETTO (there I said it too!) blinds in my daughter’s room. They are over 10 years old, yellow when they should be white, and have pieces missing. They are on the front of the house and look lovely when they are down from outside! (Not.)

    1. That’s exactly how ours are…yellow with a lot of missing pieces. But, I wonder will new ones crack as easily, because I don’t want to keep buying them.

  5. Sorry about the scar, but ‘ghetto’ is ghetto-tastic, why would anyone *not* want to use that word 🙂

  6. You crack me up! I think it’s time to visit Home Depot or Lowe’s and get rid of the rest of the ghetto blinds before they do more damage!!!

  7. So sorry to hear about your career ending accident. I got a good laugh it reminded me of the movie Old Dogs and the hand model.

    Call me old or out of touch but I can not understand why the word Ghetto is a get in trouble word. I have read far worse words in some blogs. Political correctness has gone to far. I people can’t take a joke or someone using a word in a non harmful way then they need to get a f–king life. For the have to much time in their hands.

    1. I really, truly don’t understand, either. Apparently, somebody was offended. I’m not offended if you call me “ghetto!”

      Yes, a life is definitely needed. We can’t even say “have a nice day” without somebody getting ticked off!

  8. Not only did you say “ghetto”, but then you followed it with a “boo-ya!” LOL
    Thats hilarious!!
    I use the word often too!
    Sorry you have such a nasty scar 🙁
    I always knew you had dreams of becoming a wrist model. 😉

    1. I just had to do it!

      It’s so silly how hyper-sensitive people are.

      And, here my dreams are shattered. Maybe I can be a scar cream model?

  9. okay. the boo-ya at the end cracked me up! you are hilarious! that is a nasty scar!

  10. Awww..sorry about that. One of my blinds gave way last month. I was so pissed, I yanked the rest of them out. Now, I have a bare window. Good thing we move out in 10days..LOL

    1. Sadly, this isn’t even the first time this happened (it’s just the first time I was injured). I pulled the other ones down in our dining room. And, we keep saying we’ll replace them, but then, who wants to spend money on blinds?

  11. Who in the world got mad at you for saying ghetto? How silly! But man, that scar is nasty and it’s been a whole month? Yikes.

    1. Sadly, I shouldn’t even say here, but let’s just say it was somebody that was super-duper hypersensitive and thought it was offensive.

      And, yep, a whole month. Looks like it’s in for the long haul.

  12. sue. Tell them they ruined career and thus your life. Tell them it is just too ghetto!

    1. If my blinds could pay me, I would totally sue them! Well, at least for replacement blinds.

  13. OHHH ouch! I am the worst with getting boo-boos… I think my entire body is starting to look ghetto fabulous !lol!

    1. Oh, no…that does make me ghetto, doesn’t it? Especially if it looks like a knife wound (see comment below).

  14. Seriously?! That’s insane. It looks like you got in a fight with a knife…not blinds.

  15. I used to have a scar on my arm from when I burnt myself while making cookies once. Never stopped me from making cookies though. ;P I say if you want to model bracelets you still can!! he he!

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