Summertime and the Livin’s Easy


alternate title: School’s out for summer!

Preschool has already ended for the school year. 1st grade ends next week.

I admit. I’m not one of those moms that gets all excited about summer home with all of the kids. We all do better with breaks from each other. Including the kids getting breaks away from each other. They just get along better. We all get along better.

I got a bit of a late start this year, but I have my “go to” list of summer activities to get the girls signed up for. Some cost money, some require a donation and some are free. This is to give you an idea of camps you can register for in Atlanta, and if you aren’t in Atlanta, check out other similar ones in your area (some of these aren’t regional, either).

Winshape Camps

Winshape camps are both overnight camps and day camps throughout the community. They are for children that have completed 1st grade through 6th grade

Winshape Camps

We have registered our oldest for a week at the camp closest to us. There is something for every child there, and you get to actually pick 6 from a list of preferred activities, and their computer program will select three randomly. There are things like soccer, science, “girls” and “boys” activities and many more! The camp will combine sports, recreation, arts, Bible study and worship and smash it into one week in the community. Don’t forget to check into scholarships!

Summer Tennis Camps

Working on athleticism and coordination is another summer goal for us. If you are in the Atlanta area, check out the tennis camp at Concourse Athletic Club in Sandy Springs. 

Concourse Athletic Club Summer Camp Registration

They have an entire summer of camps (starting June 2) available that run from Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Their tennis camp is for kids ages 5 to 12+ and then accept all levels and abilities. The students will be divided into groups according to their abilities and age with no experience necessary (thank goodness) And, it’s not going to be 5 hours of tennis, they will also have lunch time and an hour of swimming to make new friends. For more information, you can contact the Tennis Desk or Isaac Yarell at 770.698.2080 or or check out the registration brochure

They also have other options like basketball, tennis, kayaking and fencing!

Check with your local gyms to see what summer camps they offer. And, don’t let a membership requirement push you away because many clubs/gyms make exceptions for the summer and/or camps.

VBS Camps

We always hit up our church for VBS, or Vacation Bible School/Camp. The good thing is, they accept anybody, so even if you aren’t a member, you can get your kids in. My two lodes have a great time. Most of the VBS Camps start at age 3-4 and go through middle/junior high school. It is a morning of activities, learning, singing and playing and the girls love it. We actually tend to go to 2-3 different camps at local churches/ friends’ churches or previous churches.

Swim Lessons

I dropped the ball on this one. I didn’t call our swim instructor until a month ago, and that was too late. But, we have lessons scheduled for the first of July. Better late than never. With four kids, I need to have as many strong swimmers as I can. Even though the oldest two had lessons last year and have done a couple swim trips this year, they are getting official lessons again this year. Peace of mind.

Y Camps

I have heard nothing but good things about the camps at the Y. There are a ton of options for different activities, age groups and times. If you have a YMCA nearby, you should definitely check out their camp options. Also, don’t forget to ask about scholarships. I know they have many available, especially if you have a large family.


The YMCA day camps can offer new experiences, skill building, a sense of community and lasting friendships while still allowing children to return home in the afternoon everyday. YMCAs across the nation offer day camps for elementary children and some have offerings for pre-schoolers and teens.

What do you have planned for your kids this summer? 

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  1. Our Y summer camp is too crowded in our town and the kids don’t get paid attention to, so I won’t send my kids there. The schools do themed day programs (ie pirate camp) that I have sent my boy to a few times.

    1. May I suggest the tennis camp at the Concourse Athletic Club? If not Tennis specifically we have a fantastic sports camp ranging from basketball, tennis to kayaking and fencing.
      Hope you have a wonderful Summer!

    2. Oh, Robin. That’s terrible. I haven’t had a chance to take advantage of our local one, but several friends do and they love it. I have such fond memories of our Y-camps growing up. Have you let them know they weren’t good and they should revamp things? No idea if they are open to it, but they should know!

      1. I’m sad to hear about a bad Y camp experience too. Most of my best summer moments from elementary school through high school took place a different YMCA camps. In Atlanta, there are ratios in place for each age range to make sure that all campers get lots of attention. No matter where the Y is, I’m sure that the executive director would want feedback if a camper didn’t have a good experience.

  2. M and Peanut are signed up for gymnastics/tumbling classes. We also have quite a few day trips planned!

  3. Red is still a bit too little for any camps that we are interested in. So, we’ll be having a lot of trips to the park and St. Louis to visit Nonna. Congrats on the Camp Winshape Scholarship!! 🙂

    1. I’m planning to send E to a couple mom’s morning out Wednesdays…just so she remembers her friends and church!

  4. I have heard some good things about the Y camp in our area. I used to work at a summer camp and think its great for kids in the summer

  5. I sent my daughter to a day camp in the summer when I was working. She absolutely loved it!!

  6. I’m going to look into the YMCA camps for my Danger. I’d love for her to get involved in group activities during the summer! She will start ballet in the fall, but we need something else to keep her active with friends 🙂

  7. What awesome summer camp opportunities! I want to get my boys into swim lessons. Need to get on that soon.

  8. I never put my kids in camp for some reason because I’m the opposite of you. I do better when they’re with me. 🙂 I HATED to have them away from me. That being said, I did put them in activities but they were just brief little things like lessons here and there, a sport activity or a fun class through community ed.

  9. not much of anything planned – but looking for VBS that is during the day…

  10. I had nothing planned for the summer as I did not know what my summer would look like. But I am excited to start some plans soon.

  11. My son will be going to football camp for a week and other than that we usually wing it for the summer. Our trips are usually on the fly

  12. I think camps are awesome! I have worked in the kids camp industry for 8 years now and I see how much a week at a camp can do for a child. I totally recommend them!

  13. Someday I want to send my kids to VBS since they don’t offer full time, which means I have to take some time off from work. Y is nice too, but it’s a little bit out of the way from our house.

    1. I totally get it! I worked when my older two girls were younger.

      Actually, our church does VBS during the week on the evenings for working parents. Maybe see if you can find an evening one?

  14. I will be putting my kids in some sort of camp this summer. I think its great when there is a little bit of a break from each other!

  15. My youngest has an extended school yea. He may be attending a week of camp, we’re not sure yet. – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  16. When my sister and I were younger we were lucky to choose a few day camps at a local church our neighbors went to. While it wasn’t away camp like we would have liked to try it really was pretty fun! I remember one had to do with making a rocket and then shooting it off 🙂

  17. Summer camps are great way for kids to spend their summer productively. Every parent should take the opportunity to send their kids to summer camps. 🙂

  18. I’m looking at all the Vacation Bible Schools in our area. At our church, you have to be 4, but I know some of them are 3.

  19. We have done the Y camps in the past and the kids had fun. This year we are trying one through their school and Scouting camps.

  20. We are doing some camps at the Y this year too! Josh is doing one at SkyZone (inside trampoline park), XCite (A laser tag place) and then a Secret Agent camp. Our Y has awesome camps! 🙂

  21. This is a great list of camp ideas! i need to get myself in gear and do some research on classes for my daughter this summer – I’m hoping to get her signed up for some riding lessons!

  22. This resource is great! I’m searching for camps for my children to attend right now!

  23. Swim camp and VBS for us! This is a great round up of summer ideas!

  24. We don’t have much planned for the summer yet. I need to look more into options around here. My oldest usually does VBS at my mom’s church — and she’s been talking about getting him into swimming lessons.

  25. We want to enroll our preschooler in swim camps for safety – to atleast be able to roll to her back and float until help can arrive. They move so quickly, you never know what could happen!

  26. All great camps. My daughter went to a winshape camp a few years ago and loved it.

  27. I’ve already signed up my boys for a VBS and a Summer Mother’s Day out program. I love keeping them busy with fun and educational activities.

  28. I always wanted to go to summer camp when I was younger. We did go to the Y a lot though.

  29. I used to go to the summer camp in my childhood but the camps are a bit different in Finland than in US. Too bad there are no camps here in Ecuador. I would love my son to have the opportunity to go also.

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