Because they are only small for like a day


This third one…she’s going to be either a) my biggest troublemaker or b) my calm, cool and collected go with the flow one. It’s still up in the air.

But, either way, she’s not going to be tiny forever. In fact, at the doctor just this week, she was already 10 pounds with clothes on! Our oldest was only 13 pounds at 6 months!

Because they only stay small for like the blink of an eye, I jump at pretty much any chance for an awesome photographer to capture her smallness (everybody does a better job than me!). Plus, everybody captures them in their own unique way. I love seeing my girls through another person’s eyes.

So when Atlanta area family photographer Kate T. Parker contacted me to snap some pictures of my girly girls, I had to say yes. Especially after I looked at her portfolio of newborn pictures and more. They are so unique and different than what I had seen before. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…well, I have to say a little. These are all natural light in my house. The same house that I have the worst time getting pictures with natural light without them being super yellow.

See my sweet baby girl? Sleeping with her mouth all open? We call that “catching flies.” Fortunately, she hasn’t caught any yet.

KateTParker Photography

And, these three? Totally got all of their personalities. #1 sort of in the moment, but distracted by something. #2 messing with her baby sister and totally engulfed in her. #3 not too happy that they are messing with her.

KateTParker Photography

Sweet newborn sleep. All by herself. Looking oh, so tiny.

KateTParker Photography

A moment captured snuggling with mommy. Just me and my littlest.

KateTParker Photography

And, this one. Kills me. So big. So grown up. How did she get here…and those freckles and that gap. Totally a mini-me.

KateTParker Photography

And, number 2? Showing off her bed. She sure likes people to know about it…why can’t she go to sleep in it without yelling for us to get her something every two seconds?

KateTParker Photography

Calming. Shushing. Drifting.

KateTParker Photography

This makes my house look so glamourous. I assure you, it isn’t! Look at that hand flipped out, just so. Miss Personality.

KateTParker Photography

Oh, the squished up, cuddliness that is newborn. I swear she’s already a million times bigger than this picture.

KateTParker Photography

These tiny feet. Ten perfect toes. So very, very very blessed.

KateTParker Photography

Check out kate t. parker photography. If you participate in the I <3 Faces challenges, you’ve probably seen some of her work…and seen that she’s won a couple times, too.

Kate captured our girls just being…she followed the older ones around the house and let them give her a tour of their room and just snapped away. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m linking up here.  Go and visit their Wordful and Wordless Wednesdays.


*Kate came to my house and took these pictures. All thoughts are my own. I’m not easily influenced, either!

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    1. Thanks, Carrie…you know I agree…and a couple already reside on my walls.

  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful post. Really it was just perfect!

    1. Thanks, Bren! BTW, a certain little girl had a drink out of a certain pink bottle not too long ago! Success! Thank you.

  2. Aww, these pictures are so very lovely… just perfection. Your girls have grown up so quicky! Same as my boys. I can’t handle how fast they grow! xo

  3. Oh my god these pictures are killing me. Between the absolute adorableness of your girls and Kate’s amazing photography skills, I don’t know which I’m jealous of more! lol

    1. She really did an awesome job of capturing them. She sent me one later of Iz sitting at her desk working and Nat running in front of her in a blur…totally them!

  4. beautiful pictures, i love how she captured the moments at home. your girls are so sweet!

    1. It’s so nice to have somebody at your house..everybody is just so much more comfortable and real.

  5. Don’t worry about not being wordless, I never am.
    Heck, I’ll throw up a video in a second.

    Regarding your girls, they’re absolutely perfect and make me want a daughter to play with!

    1. I can’t not’s not in me:)

      And, thanks. I keep offering to loan them to you…

  6. Wow, such amazing pictures! She sure is talented. I am going to be in Atlanta in about two weeks, I may have to book her real quick! Your baby girls are too gorgeous…..maybe if you have enough energy, I can pay you a visit when I am down there as well. How does it feel to be mommy of 3 ?

    1. I’m certain I totally missed your trip to the ATL..I’m so sorry.

      Being a mommy of three is awesome and overwhelming and wonderful.

  7. I LOVE all of these pictures. That was so smart to have them done at your house. Our next go around we are definitely going to do that. You have such a beautiful family!

    1. Thanks, Emily! Yes, having them at home is a million times better. No other screaming kids and everybody is comfortable and just more, well, “them!”

  8. I just love her perspective. These photos are simply beautiful. And yes, where did the big girl (Izzy) come from? It always puts it into perspective when a new baby comes along, how big the other children have gotten!!

    1. I love seeing my girls from another perspective. I never would do these angles.

      They seriously grew overnight!

  9. Amazing. Beautiful. Precious. I could go on! Congratulations again 🙂

  10. Mr. Serious says:

    Izzy reminds me of you and your mom in the pictures. Great shots!

    1. Thanks! We think they are pretty cute, too, and she really captured them being “them”.

  11. She’s so tiny! I know I don’t have to tell you to soak up these tiny moments, since they are so fleeting!

  12. you are going to need to get a bigger house with more wall space.

    seriously these are amazing.

    1. I had to cover up some kills me…but you are right, we don’t have the wall space!

  13. These pictures are great!! I love the one of her on the bed all by herself!! Great shot! They do only stay tiny for a short time:(

    1. My sister says she looks “lonely” but I think it captures how tiny she is!

  14. Congratulations! My #3 is due in June and I am thinking she’s going to be wild and crazy like #2 given her activities in utero.

    1. All three of ours are wild and crazy, too! Congrats on your #3:)

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