So, maybe I’m becoming a hippie and other random Friday thoughts


On being a hippie:

* I made #2’s food homemade.  She only had a couple things out of the jar.  Homemade just seemed so much tastier.  It smelled better and looked better.  And, oddly enough, it was way cheaper.  Really, also quite easy.  But, I’m thinking, instead of steaming in one, and pureeing in the other, maybe an all-in-one baby food preparer is the way to go?

* I’ve been making homemade laundry detergent for a while now.  It’s like pennies per load.  And, it lasts forever.  And, yes, we have clean clothes.  Honestly, it really, REALLY is so very easy to make and to use.

* I’m going to cloth diaper baby #3.  And, Mr. Serious is totally on board!  But, holy cow, are there options.  Prefolds, pockets, all-in-ones, snaps, velcro, one-size, perfect fit, hybrids. How does one even decide?  Do you just get several different ones, review them and try them out, and then find the one you like best? **

* However, as of right now, I still plan on vaccinating.   Maybe a modified schedule?  I don’t know.

* And, as long as my platelets cooperate, I’d really like to do the epidural route again…especially if I have to have pitocin.

*  So, maybe, I’m only a partial hippie?  Selectively doing what I want?  Yeah, that sounds like me.


On other Friday random thoughts

* Fall seems to be teasing us here.  I did get a pumpkin spice latte.  But, just like last year, the first one wasn’t that great.  I need a do-over, but I don’t know if I can stomach the $4 and it not be fabulous again.

* The girls are doing so well in school.  Reading, spelling, recognizing letters, speaking Spanish and Mandarin, understanding schedules, etc.  It’s just amazing to me how much they thrive and have such a great time while they are there.

* My internet connection is barely working. Wonder when this post will finally get published.  (Fixed. Apparently, our splitter to the modem is broken.  I think I’ll just move the modem instead of buying a new splitter).

* I was at the grocery store this week, and smelled the cinnamon brooms.  Am I the only one that loves these?  I was so close to picking one up, but, I honestly didn’t know if Mr. Serious was a fan.  However, I’ve found out that he is, in fact, a fan of the cinnamon broom.  So, here’s hoping I go to the store again soon and pick one up.  It just smells like fall.

* Baby Serious is such a wiggler and so strong. I don’t remember the girls kicking and moving around like this.  Mr. Serious has even felt him/her move around a couple times!  And, I don’t know if I told you guys, we this time?  We are finding out the sex of the baby…first time we’ve done it.  And, we are finding out Wednesday!  Like in just a couple days!  What do you think?  Boy or girl?  We are just hoping for healthy….honestly and truthfully.  (Baby at 12 weeks, you know, just incase you think this will help you decide).

baby at 12 weeks


* We ordered the girls new loft beds last night.  I’m so excited about them and I think the girls will love them.  What I won’t love?  The lack of sleep they are certain to get until they adjust to sleeping in the same room!

* Girls night with My Atlanta Moms. I’m really excited about it.  We always have such a great time.

* I need to work on getting another belly shot picture.  I’ve been terrible about getting them this time.  I’m 20 weeks (either today or Sunday depending on who you ask and when), so I know I need to get one now.  I have one of both of the girls at this stage, so I need one for comparison.

* Is it strange that I really want to do all of the “extra” maternity things now that I’ve never done before.  Like maternity pictures.  And a 3D ultrasound.  But, I’m cheap, so I don’t want to pay for them!

* Alright, I think that’s enough verbal diarrhea for one post!  Happy weekend all!  Make sure you get your Mommy and Me picture for next week if you don’t have one yet!

**Some links are affiliate links to Amazon.  If you click and buy, I get like a penny.  Then, I can get some diapers!


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  1. I think eco-friendly hippie wise I’m in the same boat as you – I do what suits me and try not to fret about the rest. It has to actually WORK for you and not make you miserable, etc. you know? Going to go check your homemade laundry detergent recipe because that would be awesome – I’m all about frugal and easy – and if it’s natural then even better! What do you use for your dishwasher?

    I’ve never been a huge fan of the pumpkin spice latte – I prefer mocha or chai tea if I want “fall flavors” – and yeah the prices are just getting crazy!

    So excited to hear what gender the next baby is, but I know either way it will be perfect!

    1. So, true. It has to work for me and make my life easier. The laundry detergent is super easy…not sure if it’s considered “natural” but I bet if you swapped out the soap it definitely would be.

      Not so good with dishwasher detergent. Everything I found homemade didn’t really save money. But, Tropical Traditions make a good, all- natural one!

      I like the chai tea, but then I realized how much caffeine is in it (and I can’t do caffeine)…and it made me sad….and super jittery!

  2. I did only homemade baby food for all three too. Much much better, easier, etc. And you already know I’m a cloth diaper-er!
    I had no idea you made your own laundry det. I’ve heard about that but never seen it done…we might have to chat about that.
    And, honestly, I have no idea boy or girl. However, I’ve been fairly accurate at guessing in the past so I’ll go ahead and throw my 2 cents in….GIRL! 🙂

    1. Yep, been doing it for almost a year. Saves so much money! And, you can add a little scented oil if you like your detergent to smell! It’s very easy, too!

      I’m thinking girl, also:) But, I know that adding a boy to the mix would be fun….and scary!

  3. My husband keeps complaining that I’m turning into a hippie, but I disagree. I choose teh “hippie” route when it’s cheaper and/or benefits us. Homemade baby food, detergent, yogurt, and cloth diapers are all cheaper than the alternative.

    Regarding diapers: I have at least one of each style and have different times I use each one. I think there’s a different phase and/or reason for each style.

    1. You know, I tried to convince hubby to do the homemade yogurt, but he thought that might be too much…do you use one of those machines that you have a “starter’ yogurt in and then keep it going?

      I know..I keep talking about it, but I’m getting totally overwhelmed! Think I’m going to have to try them all!

      1. I do the yogurt in the crockpot. – – I just use Dannon plain whole milk yogurt as a starter the first time, then save 1/2 cup with each batch. I usually get a container of Dannon every 4-6 weeks, when I feel like my starter is fizzling out.

        I use it for my smoothies and the girls eat it. Nobody else in the house likes yogurt, and everyone else is afraid of the homemade stuff. I sometimes eat it as a snack at work, usually with a smidgen of jam to sweeten it.

        the diapers are overhwelming until you get them and do it for a couple weeks. Then you’re an old pro.

        1. Definitely checking out the crock pot recipe. My family loves yogurt! And, I never wanted to buy a machine!

  4. sounds like things are going great!! i cloth diapered both kiddos, but not all of the time and would go through phases when i did it ALL the time and then slack off. guess i am a partial hippie too! can’t wait to find out what you are having, very exciting!! we don’t know this time, but the countdown is on, only a few more weeks:) xoxo, clare

    1. I think partial is definitely the way to go! Did you find out with your other two, so you are being surprised this time? I know somebody else that’s doing the same thing.

      Speaking of belly pictures..I don’t think we’ve seen a picture of you!

  5. You totally beat me on the hippie mom spectrum with your homemade laundry detergent – rather impressive!

    I’ve got both kids in cloth diapers right now. We use Fuzzi Buns, which I LOVE. The Little Man is Still wearing the diapers he wore as a newborn 2yrs later…and I think, in theory, I can turn them into training pants when necessary…again, in theory. Def. do your research and buy one of whatever interests you ahead of time to see it in person. But when you go whole hog – commit! Buy just one kind. Makes it so much easier sorting laundry and teaching those who want to help how to use the diapers if you’ve got just one system going.

    1. Seriously, it’s so very easy. Click over the link and look. I’ve actually started just grating the soap with a cheese grater. It takes less than 5 minutes to mix a batch! Haven’t tried it with cloth diapers, but from everything I’ve read, it’s great for them (no suds).

      Thinking I’m going with Fuzzibunz….hoping to get some smalls to borrow from the SIL (the nephew should be out of them by Feb).

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Oh I disagree. I think a variety, at least of brands, if not styles, are important. The different baby phases wear the diapers differently. And the different poops spray off differently and some are just plain easier to use.

      I have several of each style of diaper. Some are daycare only, so that she doesn’t get confused. I have a set that are babysitter only so they are easiest (separate from daycare so I don’t have to wash early). And some that are overnight because they are most absorbent. and I use pretty much whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

      1. Now, I’m really confused:)

        BTW, the current daycare (which pretty sure this kiddo won’t go to) absolutely won’t do cloth diapers!

        1. They wouldn’t do cloth diapers by law out in Ohio either.

          Try the Fuzzi Bunz since those will be free for you, if they aren’t what you want then try some others. I just find simple is best – and our OneSize diapers have taken us through all the growth/poo stages for 2years now.

          There are also diaper services in some areas. Although you usually have to use their diapers, I’ve heard its like having magical diaper fairies of your very own!

          1. I’m very lucky in that the state of California requires that daycares use whatever diapers I want the baby in. If that means cloth, then cloth. If disposable, disposable. They can specify the types of cloth diapers (like pockets only), but they are required to use cloth if that’s what I want.

            I don’t understand why cloth is banned in states where it is. My friend in Colorado says they’re not allowed to use cloth either.

            I think home daycares are a lot easier to work with and are more accommodating than commercials places, too. And we use a home daycare where Annie is the only one in diapers.

            The nice thing about sending them in cloth to daycare, especially one-size, is that if Audrey has an accident and needed to be in a diaper instead of undies (or used all her trainers or whatever), the diapers can be put on both girls. Can’t do that with disposables.

  6. Yes, the all in one food processers are FABULOUS! I definitely recommend. Pricey, but in the long run, they save money with what you save on baby food.

    I’ll have to try the detergent! Please do tell how the diapering goes and what you find. I wanted to do it with Elle, but she stayed with my sister during the week while husby & I went to work, and my sister wasn’t on board. lol

    1. Hmmm…maybe I can get a grandparent to purchase one for me. If not, at least we have something that works, just more cleaning involved. The only down-side I see is that I can’t cook as much food as I can in my regular steamer (but it does take like 5 batches in my processor).

      Yes, try the detergent. One friend says her whites aren’t as bright, but I haven’t noticed any problems?

      And, I will definitely keep everybody posted. My sister actually emailed me after this post and said it was disgusting. I told her wait until she has kids. You come in contact with a lot of poo!

  7. I tried the cloth diapers for exactly 2 diaper changes, but they didn’t have all these neat ones they now have. The vaccinations is where I never compromised. I just didn’t want to take chances.

    Yes, belly pics!

    1. They are very different. My mom is icked out by it, but I think once she sees them with the cute little snaps, she’ll love them!

      The vaccines…ugghhh…why can’t it be 100% clear cut?

      I did a belly pic the next week, I think:)

  8. I think it is a boy. But I am usually always wrong with my guesses. How exciting!

  9. Boy or girl, as long as he or she is healthy! Seems like you’ve got this mommy of 3 thing under control. Do you have a picture of the new loft bed, would love to see just for ideas.

  10. Baby serious…..It sounds like baby serious will have a kick stand to me…
    I love all of you and will see you soon.
    grandpa Joe

  11. I love random posts! It sounds like you are doing great, can’t wait to see the baby shot. I am thinking about doing the baby steamer as well. I saw one at William and Sonoma but they are expensive, so I think I will check out ebay. I too am doing things that I never did with Will but I guess, and I hate to say it, Will was definitely a learning process. I actually feel like an experienced mom. As for the cloth diapers, go to my side bar and check out Clare from Naptime Novels. She used them for both of her children and is now expecting her third. She raved about them!
    Sounds like the girls are doing wonderfully and learning languages…way to go!

    1. Oh, there are definitely cheaper ones than the W&S! Yes, I read Clare…I remembered that she uses cloth, too.

      And, oh my goodness, N was not only saying Chinese words last night, but actually telling us what they meant in English. Too much for me!

  12. Hmm…what do I think? I can’t decide.

    A part of me thinks it could be a boy…but then another part of me thinks, no, it’s definitely another gorgeous girl. So, after giving it some more thought and staring at the ultrasound a bit more, I’m going with GIRL! Have you guys started picking out names already or are you waiting to find out the sex? And, once you pick out names are you sharing? That’s one of my favorite parts of having a pregnant friend…hearing the names! 🙂

    Oh, and, I don’t blame you for making food, detergent, and whatever if it means saving a buck or two, especially in today’s times!

    1. Well, I guess you were right:) Yes, we’ve thought about names, but I think we aren’t sharing:) Gotta keep something to ourselves.

      Saving money, and knowing what’s in it…baby food in the jar, ewww, it tastes terrible and smells terrible.

  13. I really want to know about cloth diapers. Chris and I aren’t planning on getting pregnant for awhile, we aren’t even married yet, but I’ve always thought cloth diapers would be great! Keep us posted on how they go.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

    1. I definitely plan on keeping everybody posted about it! I’m just trying to get my hands on some now and figure out which ones we want!

  14. I’m “voting” for boy. Excited that you’re finding out this time!

    And do you have a friend that takes photographs? Maybe they could do some shots for you for less.

    1. Umm..I know some people that do pictures…but none that are friends. Hmmmm…..

  15. As for cloth diapers, if you have time is a great resource. Otherwise, here’s the basics:
    prefolds (or flats) and a cover is your cheapest option (and my favorite for teenies) Green Mountain Diapers have good prefolds and Bummis is my favorite cover. You can get packages at
    -pockets and AIO’s are good for outings and night time because you can overstuff them and they hold longer. We love Fuzzibunz (they seem to fit different shaped babies equally well) pockets. AIO’s seem to take forever to dry and can have smell problems but are the most like a disposable.

    I hope that helps!

    Do you have a store that sells them in your area, it’s nice to see what’s out there sometimes before buying and they may offer a class!

    1. I haven’t found a local store that sells them, but I haven’t looked too hard.

      I’m leaning towards the FB pockets because a couple friends have used them.

      I’m not opposed to the flats/prefolds and covers, but I feel like I need to see them and get a lesson in them first.

      That does help. Thank you. I’ve looked at diaperswappers, but it’s a little overwhelming!

  16. We are planning on cloth diapering and modifying our vaccination schedule. You’ve got me beat on the homemade laundry detergent though! haha

    Hooray for half hippies!

    1. Which ones are you going to use? I’m curious what every body else uses.

      Homemade laundry detergent is so easy to make…I’m just not sure if I will use it on the diapers.

  17. i am loving the random…feels like we just got a phone chat in!! i am most excited about seeing the girls new room!! remember when you were looking at bedding forever ago?? can’t wait to see what you picked!

    1. My aunt ended up sending coordinating bedding that she made for her twin step-daughters, so I think we are going with that (free) option!

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