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While I’m not quite a redhead (unlike my girls), despite many people thinking I am, I sunburn like one. It’s never intentional but I just have the worst time getting sunscreen applied all over my back and chest. And, then there are times that I think, “hey, it’s overcast, I don’t need sunscreen!” Guess what? You do! UV radiation goes right through clouds! Worst sunburn of my life.

Now with four little girls to also protect from the sun, I’m even worse with the sunscreen on myself. 

When I went to Florida’s Emerald Coast last month, Disney World this month and even our neighborhood pool, I remembered almost all of those UV radiation protection tips!

Wear lightweight moisture wicking sun-protective clothing

T-shirts are NOT adequate protection against UV rays. Along with the UPF 50+ rating in your clothing, it’s important to wear moisture wicking clothing so you don’t overheat. Since I was sent a shirt to try out, I’m now wearing my Coolibar shirt when I head outdoors, especially in the water. I just throw it on over my swim suit, zip it up and I can forget about putting on sunscreen in all of those areas it covers!

If adding a margarita keeps you cool, I won’t discourage it. Just make sure you also drink a lot of water so you stay hydrated!

Sun protection engaged

A wide-brim hat is a must 

It provides extra coverage to the neck and shoulders, areas that often get more sun exposure. Every inch of hat brim can lower your lifetime risk of skin cancer by 10%. For runners, choose lightweight hats that cover the top of the head and neck.

When possible, avoid outdoor activity between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

This is when the sun’s UV radiation is most intense. Of course, it’s not always possible, so if you can’t, make sure you are covered up with UPF 50+ clothing, hats and good sunscreen!

Keep sunscreen and a hat in your sports/gym bag so they are always available

I keep sunscreen in my van and have started keeping hats for the girls in the van during the summer. However, I should do it year round!

Remember to reapply your sunscreen every every two hours

This has bitten me more times than I care to admit. We used to be on a lake every weekend growing up and only apply sunscreen once or maybe twice! We should have been applying way more frequently because we were often sweating and/or swimming. And don’t forget those sneaky places like tops of ears and the top of your head if you aren’t wearing a hat!

Wear sunglasses

Do as I say, not as I did here. I left my sunglasses on shore, worried I would lose them in the water. They were $12 sunglasses. My eyes are way more important that that. And, look how squinty I am. Silly to protect your skin, but not your eyeballs! In addition to protecting eyes from UV exposure, another cancer risk, the right sunglasses offer impact protection, and reduce reflection on the road, field or course.

paddleboarding with coolibar

And, yes, I totally forgot my hat, too! Thank goodness I didn’t get a sunburn, but I’m certain I have more wrinkles!

Not only does Coolibar offer UPF 50+ rash guard style shirts, but they also offer a variety of sun/swim clothing and accessories for men women and children! I was reluctant to offer the size shirt I normally wear because I find that rash guards tend to run small and make my arms feel like sausage, but that is not the case at all. These run very true to size with very generous arm sizing and length to offer protection all the way down! 

Right now, you can get FREE SHIPPING on all orders use code SHPNM

Throughout May, which is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Coolibar is giving the American Cancer Society $1 for every order placed. As an added incentive, they are also offering 15% off the entire order using the code ACS15.

Thank you to Coolibar for providing the shirt and the sun tips to which I added my own personal thoughts.

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  1. This is a great article. I’m notorious for forgetting sunscreen when the family and I go out. Got to start remembering.

  2. These are great tips, I’m so uncomfortable sometimes in the summertime. Remembering sunscreen is the worst one though.

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