Disney’s Tangled Holiday Gifts 2018 with unboxing video


How is it already almost December? I’ve got lists, and I’ve done pretty much NO shopping this year! Of course, Disney has come out with and sent us some amazing toys and gifts that your kiddos will surely love. It’s likely you will love them, too.

For funsies, I gave the girls the boxes and we recorded them opening them. Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure what was in the boxes, either. Some of them were labeled, but I think the boxes were repurposed, so I assumed nothing.

Disney holiday toys 2018 unboxing

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In no time at all, they had all of the boxes open to see the fun Tangled themed gifts that Disney has this year: Disney’s Tangled: Playdate Rapunzel, Disney Princess Rapunzel Tower Vanity and Disney Princess Maximus.

Can you tell that B was crying? She thought she wasn’t going to get to ride Maximus and I was taking it away. Whew….she’s relieved she got to try him out and go for a ride.

Disney holiday toys 2018 unboxing

Disney Princess Maximus

The first thing the girls wanted to open and use was Maximus. They realized that you can ride on him! What!? And it allows for a weight of up to 70lbs which means our 10 year old can ride on him, too.

Since he stands at over 2 feet tall, your child will feel like he’s just their size (and now, maybe I can take horseback riding lessons off their lists?).

maxiumus disney toy

As Rapunzel’s noble and trusted steed, I tried to convince the girls they should wear their Tangled dress while riding Disney’s Maximus. But they didn’t have time for all of that….it was get right on him!

In addition to your children riding Maximus, the Playdate Rapunzel doll likes to go on an adventure, too.

Maximus comes with 3 AAA batteries, and before you ask, yes, he also has an on/off switch! (And the parents rejoiced!). But, why does he need the batteries? Maximus will resold with motion and sounds when your kids pull on his reins. And, if offered an apple (also included), Maximus will hold the apple in his mouth and make “chomping” sounds.

Maximus includes a hair brush and hair accessories for fun hair play with his mane and tail and a saddle bag for storage. The first thing the girls did, after going for a ride, was braid the hair and add some accessories. Because he’s so big, three girls could play and not get into each other’s way!

maxiumus disney toy

We haven’t even fully enjoyed everything that Playdate Rapunzel and Disney Princess Rapunzel Tower Vanity have to offer.

disney tangled toys 2018

Disney’s Tangled: Playdate Rapunzel

Rapunzel is 32-inches tall and is fully articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. Thank goodness for moving parts. She had to have all of those elbows and wrists that move so she can brush her hair. And when not brushing or styling herself, she can be posed in many ways.

To help with her looks, Playdate Rapunzel comes with a brush and doll with removable dress, shoes, and tiara. But maybe we don’t let them know that the shoes and dress come off?

Styled in her signature purple dress, Rapunzel has long, stunning, blonde hair that flows from her head to her ankles and Royal Reflection Eyes making her look like the Disney Princess you know and love.

Disney’s Tangled: Playdate Rapunzel

Disney Princess Rapunzel Tower Vanity

Perfect for all of the getting ready and getting fancy your daughter will want to do. Get ready for enchantment with this beautiful vanity, inspired by the iconic tower from Disney’s Tangled.

Naturally, there is a singing element, too complete with lanterns. When your child opens the vanity doors, the lantern will rise, light up and sing “I See the Light.”

There is an element of surprise too as the insert can be removed to peer out of the tower, or it can be rooted to reveal a mirror or an image of Princess Rapunzel herself.

It is a true functioning vanity that your child can sit at and style their hair with the included hair brush, Pascal hair clip or three other hair clips.

This is a Walmart exclusive and comes with 3 LR44 4.5V batteries.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Tower Vanity

Since opening these toys, we’ve had several kids (both boys and girls) over and they’ve all enjoyed playing with Maximus. 

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