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Everyday Heroes [VIDEO]



Heroes are all around us. They come in different packages and vary from person to person. It could be somebody close to you, or somebody you’ve never met. They could be rich and famous, or not even old enough to have a job. They can rescue people from burning buildings or be a person that has made a profound impact on your life.

When I was teaching high school, the first day of school, I had students introduce a neighbor to the class. They shared their name, something fun about them and who their hero was. It was so sad to me that many of them didn’t have a hero. 

Every year, I would tell them that my husband is my hero. He is the best and he brings out the best in me. He is definitely my personal hero. I say a lot more in the video!

my hero

I have other heroes, too. Like my sister, who stayed up with me all night when I was in labor with our fourth daughter. She was the one that pushed (pun intended!) and encouraged me to “study” HypnoBirthing and have a natural birth. This, despite her first birth not going as she planned. She texted me back and forth until 5am when she had a four and a half month old daughter at home. She kept me positive and relaxed and helped me have the birth I never knew I always wanted. She’s endured hardships and life complications and come through stronger and better than before. She pushes me to be the best mom I can be.

sister hero

Everybody has a different definition of what makes a hero to them. So, instead of me just talking about my hero, I asked some family and friends to chime in with what a hero is to them and who their hero is. And, thankfully, Amelia, Crystal, Danielle, Emily, (I should make friends with somebody with a B name!) and my oldest daughter all pitched in and sent me videos which I compiled into one great video. 

Maybe it won’t be the same for you, but I needed tissues for most of these, so here’s your warning.

In honor of Maytag brand and hhgregg’s Hero video, we had to put together our own! They are honoring everyday heros! From now until 5/31in the Maytag Salutes Sweepstakes, they are giving away $45,000 in Maytag brand appliances. Every day, they will randomly select one winner to receive one of several appliances.

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We want to know, who is your Everyday Hero?


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  1. What a touching post. Your sister sounds like a keeper. My Everyday Hero is my mom. She is my biggest cheerleader and I honestly do not know what I would do without her. I try to model her generosity and thoughtfulness that she has for others as she has touched so many lives in such a positive way.
    p.s. – I will absolutely be your virtual friend with a “B”

  2. It’s great that you have heros so close to you. I have to think about my heros too. 🙂 They don’t come as easy as they should.

  3. Oh my so sweet!! You inspired me to ask my kids what a hero is and who a hero is to them. We’ll see if its the person who just spent 2 hours in the blazing sun at a park with them. (Guessing not…but that’s ok.) 😉

  4. My everyday hero is my husband. I am constantly in awe of how on top of it he is, what an amazing father he’s grown to be in the last 4 years, and makes us so happy. He’s a workhorse, a snuggler, a ticklemonster, a buddy and a lover. He’s the best 🙂

  5. My hero is my Mom. She’s so supportive and loving (a little judgmental at times). But any time I hear of someone who needs prayer, I immediately call my Mom. She’s never too busy to talk or listen or do what’s needed.

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