We go back….way back #MyMemoryLane


Mr. Serious and I go way back. Like all the way to high school back. 

I’ll wait for the collective “awwwwww…..”

We started dating our junior year of high school. He asked me to go to one of his basketball games. I said I would go if he went with me to our church youth group meeting. We made a deal and that’s pretty much how it started. (My sister even made a reference to this at our wedding. She’s a good toaster that one!)

We even went to homecoming and prom our senior year. So cute. So young!


Drill Team Dance

During all of that time, he played basketball and I supported him at his games. And, he supported my efforts at drill team! Our last year of school, the seniors did a dance with the boys. Of course, they never really wanted to do it, but always had a great time!

We made sure the choreography was extra cheesy, and they obliged. Even Mr. Basketball Player participated! And, came to all of the practices and dress rehearsal.

My mom recorded all of this. Practices, rehearsals and the final performance. Professional videographer she is not! But, the memories still lived on tapes! The problem? We had no way to watch them until now! I don’t think I ever saw the video over 15 years ago.

YesVideo sponsored this post. All thoughts are my own! And, I have three more videos sitting on my desk just waiting to send in!

My mom sent the tapes off to YesVideo, and very quickly, I received a link to view them online, share with family (yep, the mom and sister got a link immediately). Of course, I’ve told the hubby, but he hasn’t had the courage to take a look! But, it’s pretty cool that I have the video now online and DVD that I can show to our girls! 

That’s us pretty much right in the middle of the screen!

Honestly, until I received the links to the videos, I had completely forgotten that dance happened. I guess that’s what happens when you get old!

I’m so very thankful that it’s now been preserved. I only wish we had sent it in sooner because the quality of the tape has definitely deteriorated! We sent in another one and it looks so much better…I just don’t feel like sharing pictures of pudgy pre-teen me in a swimsuit (thanks mom!)

You can place your order at the photo counter of any Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart or CVS/pharmacy.

YesVideo accepts VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, movie film reels and 35mm slides.

YesVideo’s process is very safe & secure. They handle customers’ memories as if they were their own. Their Memory Factory contains surveillance cameras at every stage, and digital copies of the transferred videos are archived for added security.

Home movie memories make a special and unique holiday gift. While orders typically take 3-4 weeks to complete, please allow extra time as Holiday season is a very busy time in the Memory Factory. Learn more about Holiday ordering deadlines.

Holiday Order Deadline is December 2nd. All home movie media must be in the hands of YesVideo by December 2nd to receive your DVDs by December 24th.

I felt compelled to relive our prom flower pinning moment. 

Reliving that prom moment 2014

Just 4 kids, a house, some cars, a couple jobs, new churches and friends later. We’re still here. And, seriously, if he could get me to dance with him everyday, he would!


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  1. Darla Peduzzi says:

    Awwww… I had to say it 🙂 What a sweet love story! Loved the video too! I didn’t know you could do that with YesVideo. Thanks!

  2. What a great memory! That is such a great service for those old memories. I married my high school sweetheart as well…. so I have a few of those memories stashed away as well. 🙂

  3. What a great idea for the holidays. I know we had this done a long time ago taking 8 mm film to a VHS tape. Maybe we should do it again so we can all see the video rather than one person being the keeper of the tape.

  4. You guys are ADORABLE!!! YesVideo is a fantastic service! I’m glad your mom made those videos so you could share them with your girls. (I had my wedding video transferred fairly recently.)

    1. Umm……..yeah. We’ll get right on that! I think since we are older, a little wine might be in order:)

  5. What great dancers you are and what a fantastic service! I have so many Hi8 tapes from when my first born was little I am going to give YesVideo a try!! Thanks so much for sharing. You and your family are beautiful 🙂

  6. You are absolutely right about the awww-factor. Your story is so cute! I love that you can still enjoy your memories thanks to transferring them to digital files.

  7. What an adorable story! I love that there’s options for this ever changing tech world like yes video.

  8. That is so awesome you have been together that long I have been dating my husband since senior year. I have heard such great things about YesVideo I really need to get on preserving stuff as I never thought about the quality deteriorating.

  9. I loved the video! I have a lot of memories on VHS that I keep saying I’m going to have transferred to DVD but haven’t yet. Our wedding is one of them and my girls recently came interested in looking at our wedding pictures and I know they would LOVE the video. I’m going to check it out at CVS next time I go. If I can easily give them my VHS tapes, then I’ll probably do it now. Thanks!!

  10. Ha!!! That is AWESOME! Love that you finally get to watch that video. We did a similar dance on our dance team for Valentine’s day. I didn’t have a bf at the time so I had to ask some random friend. Your story is WAY better. 😉

    Also? You two DON’T age. It is amazing. Are you hiding the fountain of youth in your house somewhere?

  11. Mr. Serious says:

    I’ll dance with you anytime! Especially if you put on those fancy sleeves…

  12. Aww, that is so sweet. How wonderful to be able to relive those memories! I had no idea that they had anything this.

  13. Now that is so cute. I wish I had thought of something like this for us. Always something to keep in mind though. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Awwwwwww! 🙂 I love this. I’m all about preserving memories and pictures so this is a great service.

  15. Awww (sorry, had to!) that is so sweet! My hubby and I have been together since we were 19 and 20. I have old home movies that need transferred. I’ll have to check this out.

  16. I didn’t realize you guys had been together since high school. That’s seriously the sweetest thing!

  17. Wow! I have a tape of my kids that I haven’t seen in years. I just might give this service a try. It sounds great!

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