Happy 8th to the girl that called me Mommy first


Dear my biggest of bigs-

You are 8.

8th birthday collage

Yeah, it was last month, but better late than never. 

There’s something special about being the first and the oldest. I joke with daddy that you were our experiment child. We knew nothing. We thought we knew everything about being parents. Nope. Wrong.

Now, we just smile and nod when the pediatrician tells us something that isn’t in agreement with our researched decisions. And, we know that turning your around in your carseat at one (when you weren’t even 20 pounds) when the pediatrician told us to is just plain wrong. But, thankfully, you survived and we are doing better for you and your sisters.

One day, you’ll get it.

Fortunately, we think you’ve turned out pretty darn good! You are becoming an awesome young lady (ack. No, little girl!) and you are a great big sister. Your littles look up to you in so many ways, often waiting for you to make a decision before they can make their decision.

Happy 8th birthday
You have a range of emotions that we often see in one day, and you are a very sensitive kiddo. Also, you think the photobomb is the best thing ever.  

8th birthday collage

Your heart is the biggest there is and I don’t want anybody to change that. Of course, you have your moments with your sister, but we know that’s to be expected! You recover quickly and the love is what is left visible.

Sister Love

And, I can brag, too. You are so very smart. You love school and you are always thinking outside the box. You want to give 110% in theory, but you also like to rush through things to get them done. Apologies in advance. I used to do that in school. I just wanted to be done. I had to teach myself how to slow down and really pay attention. We’ll work on that.

You really are amazing and wonderful.

Smart. Silly. Funny. Sassy. Gregarious. Beautiful. Awesome. Kindhearted. Creative.

Happy 8th birthday, sweetheart! We love you! 

7th birthday.

6th birthday.

5th birthday.

4th birthday.

3rd birthday.

2nd birthday.

1st birthday. (published on the old family blog. And it’s just not even worthy of sharing! Yikes!)

Birth story.


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  1. Happy birthday to your biggest sister! 🙂 That is so awesome that you’ve been blogging long enough to record her birth and all her birthdays.

    1. That first sentence came out wrong, but you know what I meant, haha!

  2. Your little lady is so pretty! She looks like she is a great person. From pictures I’ve seen I can tell she is a great big sister. Happy belated birthday N!

  3. Awe… Another sweet one. Isn’t it funny how we THINK we know everything? We are actually always a work in progress.
    She is a pretty awesome big sister, I have seen it 😉

  4. Hi………
    There’s something uncommon about being the first and the most seasoned. You joke with daddy that you were our investigation kid. We do not knew anything. We contemplated being folks.

  5. April Farley says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful 8 year old AND Happy birth-ing day to you Krystyn! The years truly do fly by! Every year , every milestone is a blessing! I hope your days continue to be blessed by those that you love & cherish the best!

  6. Aww. What a sweet girl! And she has gotten so big! What a pretty young lady! I can’t believe how fast it has gone!
    Happy Birthday, to your big girl!

  7. pat chance says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful girl. I am so glad we get to share your life with you.

  8. What is up with that!? My pediatrician did that too and I let my mother-in-law push. :/ We call our first our “Learning Child”…poor thing.

    Happy Birthday, I!

  9. happy happy eight sweet girl!!

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