Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


My mom badge is looking a little tattered these days. At choir last week, the kids all got to pick their animal, of course, thing 1 and thing 2 both wanted to be butterflies, both in pink shirts.


My fears were relieved with the director said they had wings for them and were going to paint their faces. Whew. I just had to make sure they had their shirts on.

Then we got there. All of the moms had paints out and they were working on their kids’ faces. Poo. I can’t face paint. Plus, I have E on the front, a backpack on my back. And, oh yeah, I can’t paint.

beautiful butterflies

See? Proof. No painting for me. They are supposed to look like butterflies.

Instead, they look like this guy.


Yikes! It might not be that bad, but I think I won’t quit my day job! 

I better do something this weekend that earns me a new mom badge, because the face painting one? Total fail. 

*image source.

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  1. LOL well I’m sure your not the only Mom feeling that way that day. When did it get to be that we had to be artists, bakers, seamstresses, construction workers … the list goes on. I think they look adorable!

    1. Don’t forget social chair, treasurer, warden and homework encourager!

      Thanks! They look adorable because they just are…not because of the terrible paint job:)

    1. Thanks! You are too kind! I guess it’s a good thing they liked it!

  2. They look adorable AND thrilled – I think your mom badge is perfectly intact! I cannot face paint either, with or without a baby in tow!

    1. I really give a lot of credit to the professionals here. Skin is super hard to paint on.

  3. grandma pat says:

    they both look great – you did a good job Mommy

  4. The face paint looks great, most important, they are so HAPPY! Gosh I miss those girls. You sure they won’t fit on your lap wti E in June?

    1. Um, yeah, can you just see me getting through the airport solo with all three?

  5. oh no, I think they look great 🙂

  6. They don’t look like they care too much about your lack of face painting skills! 🙂

    1. Very true…..good thing they thought I did a good job!

  7. Oh, that made me laugh! But seriously, they look precious! You did a great job!

    1. Well, I’m glad you had a laugh. And, thanks…but I think I’ll stick to doing other things I’m a little more skilled at. Then again, skin is such a tough canvas.

    1. Well, thank you! I guess I shouldn’t have compared myself to other awesome paint jobs.

  8. Oh heck, I think you did just fine and I’ll bet the girls were just as happy as they would have been had someone else done it!

  9. That is a much better job than I would have accomplished! That is not a mom fail, your badge is still hanging in there!

    1. Well, thank you.

      I say it’s holding on by some duct tape and threads:)

  10. honey that picture is scary!! the boy. not the girls.

    the girls? totes adorable!!

    1. I’m sure I did…I hope. honestly, I can’t even remember!

      Oh yeah, Disney on Thursday this week…they’ll forgive me.

  11. LOL I can paint alright, but I don’t think I’d be up for even trying a face. To be honest I have always hate the thought of face painting. As a kid I was always afraid that a clown would come up and paint my face. I may have just run away screaming, so you beat me ;-)!

    1. That’s too funny!

      The girls love having their faces painted. I don’t really get it, either!

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