Ways to stay on track while you’re gift wrapping this holiday season


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It’s getting close to crunch time here for Christmas. We just got our tree up this past weekend, so we could finally start to get our gifts wrapped and under the tree.

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The gifts have been collecting in various hiding places in bags and boxes around the house, but now it’s time to get them wrapped into pretty packages and bags  so they are ready to be gifted and received. Which means it’s crunch time here. I just stayed up until after midnight wrapping gifts from us as well as family because I had everything out and ready to go. I don’t have a large space for leaving everything out, so I wanted to get them all done.

Of course, that meant I would grab a couple supplies, sit down to start wrapping and realize I didn’t have scissors. I go grab the scissors and notice I don’t have a pen. Yes, there were no less than 5 trips to gather all of the supplies I needed to even start wrapping the gifts.

So, I’m making a list for myself, and sharing so you can stay on track and get your gifts wrapped in a jiffy! Pro tip: Always put them in the same spot (to your right/ left or in a basket, etc) or you will have to relocate your pen every single time you need it.

Present Wrapping Supplies list

The gifts

Yes. I really did forget them. I had everything out and ready and realized I didn’t have any gifts from their super-secret hiding spots!


Odds are, I forget this because my kids are constantly “borrowing” my tape and tape dispenser.


It’s pretty hard to cut the paper or fabric without scissors. Or to cut the ribbons. Scissors are a must. Go look in your kids’ play room for those, too.

Wrapping material or gift bags

I prefer wrapping our gifts and usually go for the recycled paper and then recycle after. I’ve also been known to use fabric and then reuse it or gift bags. Do not throw away a gift bag unless it’s torn. We get many uses out of ours.

Fancy supplies

Those brown paper packages don’t tie themselves up with strings…pick up some fun string, ribbons or even sticky bows. Bring a little something special to the table.


I would never remember who the intended recipient of a gift is once it is wrapped. Half the time, I have to peak in the gift to remember the name I should put on the label. Pro tip: Fill out the gift label before wrapping the present, then you know it is correct when you are all done.

Writing Utensil

I feel my teacher past coming out here. Unless you are super on the ball and all of your labels are already completed, you will need a pen or marker or some sort of writing device to fill them out.


I enjoy listening to holiday music while wrapping gifts, so I’d recommend having some jams on while you wrap.


Not to see how fast you are at wrapping, but so you remember to get up, move around and stretch out. I realized I was seated for like 1.5 hours wrapping. When I finally got up, I was so achy and sore. Get up every 20 minutes or so and do your body some good.


Just always have it nearby. Water is so good for you. And you likely aren’t drinking enough, so have some next to you and have a sip. Do it!


It’s so easy to sit wrapping and forget to eat. I’m guilty of realizing it’s 2pm and I still haven’t had lunch. That’s not good. If I had a snack near me, I would have eaten it when it was reasonable.

Present wraping supply list

A snack bar like ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bars are a great way to indulge in holiday sweets and after, without the guilt (under 200 calories) and a great snack for wrapping gifts. ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple bars are gluten free and full of protein to keep you full of energy and to help you get those gifts wrapped. They have released special seasonal-inspired flavors of Peppermint Bark and Pumpkin Chai for a limited time only which taste so good. They are great for sitting next to me when I need to grab a snack and get my protein.

gift-wrapping supply list

What is the thing you most often forget when you sit down to wrap gifts?

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  1. pat chance says:

    good idea on setting the pen and scissors down in the same spot. I was wrapping yesterday and had to look right and left each time for my scissors and pen.

  2. pat chance says:

    PS – I have had to unwrap presents before because I forgot who’s I was wrapping. Makes for long wrapping sessions.

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I sat down last Saturday and did it all. It took me HOURS to finish, but I am SO glad it’s done.

  4. I love to gift wrap presents, but it is such a HUGE job! Especially because I want every gift to be beautiful and perfect. My husband can wrap three gifts to my one! lol

  5. Great list! Wrapping can be so much fun, and tiring at the same time.

  6. I used to have a gift wrapping station in the old house. Now that it’s nestled in a new closet, all bets are off and i need to reorganize!

  7. It seems funny that you reminded people to get up and move but it is so true. I have has some seriously aching legs from sittimg awkwardly too long!

  8. It seems like a simple thing but it really is worth thinking about and planning. It makes life so much easier when everything you need is ready.

  9. I only pull out a couple of gifts at a time so the kids don’t sneak a peek!! So I guess I don’t really forget anything – but I do get up and down a lot!

  10. This is a great supply list for sure. My husband is the wrapper but I help with taping..

  11. Always smart to have a snack on hand while marathon wrapping. I have to get my presents done soon.

  12. Growing up, we’d always have wrapping parties with my sisters. It was so much fun! I found that you need to have tons of tape & scissors so you don’t have to wait.

  13. Great tips! It can most definitely get overwhelming. I sit and make a night of it and watch movies to make the time go by faster

  14. Kimberly M. says:

    I’m always last minute Lucy when it comes to wrapping. I might start buying early but I sure don’t wrap early. That change last year. I was tired of the last minute wrapping and being tired because it was an all nighter Christmas Eve or the night before that. This was a great post. It showed me how to get organized this weekend when I start my wrapping. I will be wrapped by the 20th. LOL

  15. I think I always sit down to start wrapping and then realize I forgot the darn scissors! Happens every time!

  16. amy tolley says:

    Great post!! I love to wrap my presents and decorate them love the bows and special name tags i try to color coordinate

  17. Cynthia R says:

    Every year I think I don’t need labels, that I will magically remember this size and shape box is for this person and this one is for this person, and yet every year I give someone the wrong gift.

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