It’s sprinkler time-Wordful and Pictureful Wednesday


Sunday was perfect for sprinkler weather.

This is the first year that #1 hasn’t been terrified of the water.

Of course, she went with a gentle approach at first.

Cautious #1

Then, she went all in.  Face and nose full of water all in.

soaking wet #1

#2, however, wasn’t as much of a fan of the water on her head.  Check out #1’s expression, too!   I think she was getting a little too much joy out of her sister’s squeals.

Not a fan of the water.  At all.

About to make a run for it.

going back for more

Still not enjoying it very much.  But, I promise, she wasn’t crying..she thought it was hilarious that she didn’t like it.

running away.  again.

#1 thought she’s try to “encourage” her sister to join her in the water.

"come on #2"

#2 wasn’t thrilled with the idea, so #1 showed her how to jump over the sprinkler.

No thanks, I'll watch.

But, she didn’t quite clear the sprinkler, and landed right on top of it and squashed it.   Fortunately, they were both willing and ready to fix it.


Then, daddy came over to lend a helping hand.  Hey, how many Serious’ does it take to fix a broken sprinkler?


#2 thought she might give it a try herself while daddy and #1 went to turn it on.

Is this how I fix it?

Hey mommy, “Where did the water go?”  Seriously.  No kidding.  That’s exactly what she said.

"Where did the water go?"

And then, daddy turned it back on, and she ran away.


The end.


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  1. THey are adorable…sprinklers are so much fun! N is getting so big!

  2. We love to play with water, too. Looks like a fun day. Great pictures.

  3. Can't wait for srpinkler time around here. Drop by and link up! Happy ww!

  4. So incredibly cute!!! neither of mine will play in the sprinkler. Must work on that this summer!!!

  5. It is so refreshing watching these little innocents souls playing and having fun with so make ease and grace.Very cute~smiles~

  6. adorable pictures! Im jelaous of your weather I cant wait for days liek this even tho Hailee is afraid of sprinklers she loves water tho!

  7. Oh so much fun! My boys still hate the water! Then again both of them are afraid of the shower!

  8. The looks on their faces are priceless! I love, "Where did the water go?" Such fun!

  9. AH I so love love these pictures! Sprinklers are so much fun!

  10. I love it!……..So much fun……I think tomorrow might be warm for us, but today is rainy and cold…..
    Glad she wasn't scared!….

  11. I can't wait until it gets warm enough for my kids to play in the sprinklers. So much fun.

  12. Sprinklers are the best!! I have a few kids that are terrified of them though and that makes for some laughs! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Your girls are just SO cute. Oh my goodness. I can not even take the sweetness. LOVE your pictures to pieces Krystyn!

  14. That picture of her face when she asked where the water went is so fun. I kinda gasped (in a good way) when I saw it – SO CUTE!! What fun shots!

  15. Those shots are seriously fun and cute! I love how Izzy's hair is all curly when wet. Reminds me of my girls when they were little!

  16. That sure was a mean little trick to play on my Sampson. She doesn't like the water because she's like her Auntie Em—- sit by the water and soak up the sun!

  17. Ahh, such cute picture of your girls enjoying this awesome summer ritual! Love it!

  18. That is so dang cute. Looks like they are having blast! To be a kid again….

  19. These pictures are FANTASTIC – I cannot wait to introduce my kids to the joys of a sprinkler!

  20. such sweetness! there is nothing better then sprinkler fun!

  21. Love it!! You have captured some of the best expressions. They r priceless 🙂 I love sprinkler fun!!!

  22. Krystyn, your girls and their red hair! Even cuter when they are splashing around in the sprinklers. I am headed to read your guest post!

  23. Some of the cutest pictures I've seen, it just make me itch for the warm weather where we can (reasonably) put the sprinklers on.

    I say reasonable because Henry was ready to put them out in April 😉

  24. I used to LOVE playing the sprinkler. I love that N didn't really like it, but kept playing in it anyway! Too cute!

  25. That looks like so much fun! I love their suits too, so cute. I can't wait for it to warm up enough here in Cleveland that we can play in the sprinklers.

  26. Oh my gosh that last photo of N is soooo freakin' funny!

  27. I still remember how fun it was running through the sprinkler. We set it up for the dude the other day and he went nuts!

  28. the where did the water go pic? seriously awesome!!

  29. Yay for sprinkler fun 🙂 What fun pictures!!!

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