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Mr. Serious was out of town a few days this week so we had slight adjustments to our daily routine. Usually that means I have dinner ready and we eat earlier than most days. It also means the kids are ready for bed sooner and we have more time for books and bedtime.

The youngest two (who I shouldn’t really call the “littles” anymore) were in charge of picking out a book. The first night, B got to pick a book and we snuggled up and read it. The second night, E got to pick a book. The snuggling was extra snuggly, so the oldest came in to capture it. 

bedtime with the littles

In addition to reading the books, we had a talk about how terrible they were! Yep, they were awful. One was Rumpelstiltskin which wasn’t the true version of the book, but it was still quite bad (kidnapping a woman, forcing her to marry for spinning just enough gold instead of killing her, etc). So many good themes there.

Then, there was a Barbie book. It wasn’t actually about Barbie, but Barbie characters. I couldn’t even follow the story and neither could they. At least I know they were engaged, right?

bedtime with the littles

And giving credit to the photographer, I had to grab a picture of her when she came downstairs and we were totally twinning and hadn’t planned it. 

twinning with the oldest

It’s my way of saying thanks for grabbing a picture of me with her sisters…and you know, making sure she knows we are still in pictures together even though she’s older!

What did you do this week?

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