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I started babysitting when I was 12 years old. Which really is crazy for me to think about!

When the oldest was 12 years old, she took a babysitting class at our YMCA similar to what I did. And then I wasn’t ready for her to babysit. Other people asked and she asked and I was like “you are too young.”

But, she’s proven herself over and over and we slowly experimented with sort bits of time of letting her sisters stay home with her (and making sure a neighbor or two was home). Finally this weekend, we let her do a full babysitting job while Mr. Serious and I went to see Nick Offerman (my birthday present from April) downtown and to dinner after. 

She did a great job! Her sisters were fed (yeah, they got bonus dessert, too) and everybody was in bed by the time we got home. Usually she’s better at cleaning up, but there’s always room for improvement, right? (Sitters take note…parents really want the dinner dishes cleaned and living room picked up…it goes a long way!)

When we got home, I wanted to document her first gig (money towards summer camp) and get picture. 

She says she’s slouching here…and I have shoes on. So, I might have to contend soon that she is as tall as me, if not taller? That’s not okay, but I guess I had to know it’s coming. 

Mommy and Me Monday | The sitter

When the garage opened, a certain 7 year old decided to creep down the stairs to get a “huggy” from us. Naturally, I asked her to get in the picture, too. 

Mommy and Me Monday | The sitter

We actually had THREE date nights this weekend, where we had another sitter (it was going to be a late night and the oldest wasn’t okay with it), an parents night out (kids at the YMCA) and then the night with the oldest watching. 

The first night was a fancy dinner party we were invited to that friends had won at a silent auction. I wanted to make sure to grab a picture of us dressed up since it happens so infrequently. After all, there wouldn’t be any Mommy and Me Mondays without this guy!

Mommy and Me Monday | The sitter

What did you do this week?

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