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We found out school would be done virtually for the foreseeable future. We don’t really know what that looks like, yet, so we are in a bit of a holding pattern. And yet, the holding pattern means we keep pushing forward in the ways we know how and doing some planning…like finding web cams and computers…and daydreaming about more space for all of us to do schooling and work and life. 

So we continue to do our drive in kids church and embrace the hand jives and dancing. There might have been a game of hot potato with Super Man’s kryptonite, too. 

hand jives at the drivein
And when B asked earlier in the week for a pizza and pool dinner, we all thought it was a pretty good idea and made it happen. We are pretty glad our neighborhood pool decided to open and were even more thrilled to find we were the only ones there. 

It was so hot, we were all appreciative of a good swim…and then stopped and had a break when our pizzas were delivered. 

pizza and pool family fun

And then it was time for some cannon-ball jumps! I was glad I was the videographer for this one….but the kids had fun! Naturally, you have to do a boomerang and turn it into a gif. It only took 3 times to get the timing just right.

family pool cannonball

We have a few weeks of summer left before we get back to “school” in our new way…so hopefully we will continue to find some more fun along the way. 


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  1. kelly woods says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Swimming is always fun. Our local area is up in the air about school as well.

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