Mommy and Me Monday-The 32nd Edition


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

Our Sunday School class likes to plan one last family get together to celebrate the end of summer. 

This year, we planned to have a pot luck picnic at the park.  The weather forecast?  100% chance of rain.  (We planned it weeks ago, of course.)

We still went.

We just got wet.  And tried to keep the kids in the pavilion.

Fortunately, our kids had a great time and were both in a great mood.

#2 wanted to be held a lot and kept playing a silly game where she was shaking her head, but wanted me to kiss her.  She’s silly like that!

And, when I asked her if we could take a picture?  She actually said “yes!”


Mommy and Me Monday  

Success!  I could kiss her all day. 

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  1. You two are so sweet! Love her cheeks! Glad you had a great day in the rain.

  2. Sorry about all the rain. At least the kids still had fun and you got a great pic out of it too!

  3. Very nice picture, At least you guys still had fun! My daughter loves the rain! I hate it!

  4. oh I love potluck picnic! Awwwwww….sweet! Glad to know she said YES! what a cutie!

  5. Seems the rainy day fun was pretty wide spread yesterday! 🙂

  6. glad you all had fun despite the rain… my little girl loves the rain too!

  7. well, a beautiful photo to remind you of that great rainy day 😀

  8. Hi! so there’s no theme weekly? I Mean any pics with kids everymonday?? im intersted to join =P

  9. That is a beautiful picture of two beautiful girls! Just lovely!

  10. chubskulit says:

    I just love looking at your picture, both of you have a radiant smile, so contagious hehehe.

    My son and me at Nostalgic Marveling

  11. Aww, what a cute girl. She does love you very much that she wants your attention all the time.

  12. I have to post a picture next week for sure! You always take such lovely photos! 🙂

  13. pretty faces! your daughter got your smile, I bet she’ll grow up as pretty as her mom 😉

  14. What a perfect picture of the two of you!
    As long as it’s warm, I don’t mind the rain – but it does a number on my hair. I should get a haircut like N’s. 🙂

  15. such a wonderful picture of you two!! she is so adorable!!

  16. Glad that you still got to go to the picnic. This is yet another fabulous photo! 😀

  17. Cute picture. I love how you did not let rain ruin your day

  18. You can see the happiness on your face 🙂 Love it!

  19. What a cute picture of the two of you. True success.

  20. so sweet picture of you two! Love it!

    Anyway, this is my first time to join! Love this meme!

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