7 reasons you should take the Paradise Point Skyride excursion at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


Having cruised with little kids, but wanting them to experience the fun that is an excursion, we discovered the Paradise Point Skyride at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. We knew it would be a great excursion for our us on our family cruise. We weren’t disappointed.

7 reasons to take paradise point skyride at st thomas

While pulling into St. Thomas, we grabbed breakfast, some snacks and water before getting ready to disembark the ship.

pulling into St. Thomas US Virgin Islands on Carnival Cruise

When the ship docked, we got off, walked down the dock and into the waiting port. Here, we could have opted for a taxi cab or other mode of transportation to get us to the Skyride, but we decided that we could all do the approximately 10 minute walk.

What is Paradise Point Skyride?

St. Thomas Skyride to Paradise Point takes you 700 feet above sea level to the most spectacular views on the island via an aerial tram or gondola. At the top, you’ll find a spacious observation deck with a refreshing beverage. You will certainly enjoy panoramic views of the harbor, cruise ships and downtown Charlotte Amalie.

Why reasons should take the Paradise Point Skyride excursion at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

1. Low cost

We decided to buy our tickets through our Carnival so we had tickets and were ready to go. You can, however, purchase them on-site. The cost is around $19.99 for ages 13 and over, $9.99 for ages 4 – 12 and free for under 4.

2. Easy for a big family

The walk from the ship to the Skyride wasn’t too long or hard. Once we got there, we didn’t have to wait long. Also, our entire family was able to stay together in the tram, and we could have had more people with us.

3. Easy for little kids to enjoy

Our little two were 2 and 4 at the time and they really enjoyed the excursion. The youngest rode in our LILLEbaby carrier most of the walk and stairs up to the Skyride, but everybody was entertained and happy the whole way. The ride up involves a nice view of the port and the and the area around it.

view from the top.jpg 4. A great view

What isn’t absolutely beautiful about this view? The water is amazing. You can see mountains, trees, flowers, the port, the ships, boats and more. You know when your kids comment on how amazing something is, that it’s the truth.

grab a picture at the top

Along with that view is the iguanas. So many iguanas just hanging out. It was fun to try to find them camouflaging themselves in their natural environment.

spot the iguana.jpg

5. You got at your own pace and time

We were able to go to the Skyride whenever we wanted during our port day. We went right after breakfast so everybody was full of energy and we made it back for some naps. The ride is about 15 minutes round trip, but you can stay as long as you’d like at Paradise Point before catching the Skyride back down.

6. There’s a great bar and restaurant up at the top

When you get to the top, you’ll want to hang out at Paradise Point. They had ice cold water, sodas, beer, margaritas and food. The staff was very nice and made our stay at the top enjoyable. (Yes, they even had high chairs.)

ice cold water and margaritas

7. You get to ride in an aerial tram

The ride to the top is in a gondola like aerial tramway. We had 1-2 families in our tram with us. We didn’t feel crowded or squished! I wish I would have grabbed photos of us as we rode over the vegetation.

I definitely recommend this excursion if you are headed to St. Thomas. Especially if you have a family with you.

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