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This week has been a week full of mom-ing and trying to take some time for me. I had to take two kiddos to the doctor Monday and missed my usual workout. Thankfully, Mr. Serious came home on time, so I scooted after dinner and got in a good workout.

It’s making an impression on the girls. They want to do push-ups or “the jumps” (jumping jacks) all the time. I’m like “girls, I’m tired, I just worked out” but I can’t discourage exercise, so we get to it. N asked to see how many push-ups I could do in 10 seconds (I think that’s what it was) and when I got down on the floor, I had some other exercisers, too.

Push-Ups with Mommy | Mommy and Me Monday

When I’m not at the YMCA and B isn’t napping, she is extremely clingy. Like needs to be held from the moment she wakes up until dinner is served. She looks very concerned, too, right? (And, the embossed LILLEbaby is pretty amazing!)

lillebaby embossed teal

Another night getting dinner ready and she wanted on my back. Of course, her sisters left a snack out and she swiped it off the counter and had her day with them. I’m at the point where her not screaming or fussing is worth it right now! Sanity, am I right?

lillebaby complete embossed teal

And, another day. You guessed it, “up, mama.” She wanted purple complete this time. I don’t think any of our girls have been quite this opinionated this early on. Oye! But, when she says “yes” it melts me!

lillebaby complete original purple/pink

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute, because the neediness is so hard. I know it happens with all kids around this age, but I’ve quickly allowed myself to forget this crazy time!

What is your solution for the super-needy super-cranky 20 month old? 

What were you up to this week?

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  1. mrs. hils says:

    My goodness, that girl is getting so big! And you, my friend, are getting so small! Maybe I should try this “working out”… BTW, love those fancy nails!

    1. Ha! Thanks! Hardly small! Maybe finally burning off some baby weight! This “working out” is my sanity more than anything else!

      And, thanks! I asked the lady to surprise me and I never would have picked the color, but I liked it!

  2. Super cute pics! Bryn is going thru this stage again at 2 and a half (probably because of the new baby). I wish I had a solution, just trying to tell myself she won’t be this little and needy for long!

  3. Katherine Riley says:

    We have 3 grandchildren all under the age of 15 months. Such an exciting time in life.

  4. I’ve forgotten that stage, but I almost think my little girl is heading there at 10 months! Seems like she wants to be held a lot lately. Possibly due to teething. Being my last, I can’t bring myself to say “no.” Thankful for my Lillebaby carriers to help me as well! At 20+ pounds, she’s getting too heavy to carry for long in my arms alone.

    (Oh and I’m all heart eyes checking out your teal embossed! Those look so gorgeous. Like I need a 3rd carrier … but then again, I don’t have an embossed yet so why not add to the collection? 😉 )

    1. Oh, I feel like I say “no” way too often and yet, hardly say it at all. That’s something a mom can totally say, right?

      And, yes, the carrier is such saving grace, especially at dinner cooking time!

      And, yes…you NEED an embossed! Seriously!

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