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I love that my girls are creative and inquisitive. Yes, sometimes it drives me crazy, but I know it’s how they learn….because that is how I learn/learned. Being science and math-minded (after all, I spent 7 years in college + grad school getting my degrees), it is extra important to me that we nurture it in them.

When given the chance and the time, I do experiments with them. We’ve done chromatography, acids and bases and even experiments with dry ice. We build and craft with recyclables and try to turn all experiences into learning time. They really enjoy it and pay close attention.

chromatography for kids

So when it comes to gifts this year for Christmas, I want to try to get them gifts that will continue to nurture their inquisitive nature. I want to be smart about gifts to keep their love for learning going strong.

They have really shown interest lately in building things on their own. They just follow the directions and complete projects with minimal help. Check out these great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) gifts for my girls.

STEM gifts I’m loving this season

Synthesize with circuits: They can build their own circuits in seconds using littleBits modules that snap together with magnets.

Little Bits

The littleBits Synth Kit is simple enough for kids to use to explore an analog synthesizer and make their own music. This kid comes with 12 BITS modules, but there are over 65 modules available resulting in billions of creative ideas, like a fish feeder or water cooler.

littleBits Synth kit

Learn about electricity: Electricity was always a concept that was interesting and confusing to me at the same time. I have a huge and healthy respect for it because it can be amazing and dangerous if we don’t take the proper precautions. But, learning about it in a safe environment can be great fun. The Electronics 101 Snap-Kit beginner’s collection of color-coded, snap-together components geared at kids ages 8 and up. It comes with instructions for experiments and encourages further learning.

electronics 101 snap-kit

Build a room in the air or under the sea: Using the Ruminate 3-in-1 helicopter, they can create a flying craft by wiring a spinning propeller with a motor and design pieces. The 44-piece set can be used to create a helicopter, airplane,or even a submarine. There aren’t many toy sets that come with a motor, battery pack, screwdriver and doll and pet.


RadioShack has great prices, but should you find the price lower, like at Amazon, they will happily match the price.

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  1. I LOVE how you are encouraging your daughters to find their inner inventor, scientist and astronaut! Have you heard of Robot Turtles? It teaches early coding with a board game. Who knows what jobs our kids will have then they grow up.

  2. Love that you’re focusing on STEM gifts for your girls, and I’m thinking my two (I have a boy but believe in reinforcing that he’s still welcome in the world of STEM) would love that electricity set!

  3. Will look for this at Radio Shack. It’s my favorite place to buy add-ons I need for my video equipment.

  4. I can totally see M getting into this kinda stuff in the near future! She is always into tinkering with gadgets and such! For now…. she is requesting Rainbow Brite!

  5. We did a few gifts at thanksgiving since my side of the family was actually ALL together. She got the Goldie Blox zip line and she loves it! She’s been investigating different angles and seeing what happens. Too steep and Goldie plunges to her death, apparently 🙂 I love toys that are fun and educational. My nephew wants the snap circuits kits.

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