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After spending a week away from our youngest two, I was glad to get all the hugs and kisses when we returned. And I was even more thankful for a few hours on Sunday while the big two were at a church event. I requested that we get out of the house and enjoy the amazing weather we have had all weekend. It took a little convincing, but they obliged and joined me on a walk.

going for a walk Mommy and Me Monday

Spring has started to bloom and we were lucky to find some dandelions on which to make some wishes. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out some new activewear clothes that I was sent from prAna. Most days, I live in my gym clothes as I shuttle kids, run to carpool, head to the gym and then do all of the other things busy moms must do. This comfortable and sustainable activewear completely fills my clothing needs. I am really happy with prAna and their dedication to progressively engineered and designed clothing that is stylish, durable and versatile.

blowing on a dandelion

The girls ran and raced each other and daddy and I just kept the walking pace which allowed me to stop and bend down and capture them trying to blow on another dandelion. Which turned hilarious because they were both competing to get all of the “wishes” off the flower while also blowing in each other’s faces.

blowing dandelions

The walk came to an end when we had some lip pain (can these kids stop licking their lips already), but I asked for one more quick pic with my little people. I had so many pictures from the last week with their sisters and needed to get some with them, too.

mom and daughters outside

I think Mr. Serious was feeling left out because he hopped in a picture before making the last run to the garage. I’m betting you can guess which kiddo was done and “just wanted some stuff for her lips already.”

family picture outside for mommy and me monday

Outfit details:

The top: The Constellation Tee was a clear winner for me because it is organic (a cotton and hemp blend) and also because it has a shirttail hem…aka, it covers my backside! It is incredibly comfortable making me feel confident moving around and also liking the fit on my body. It has a nice loose and breezy feel without seeming too baggy. The ruching on the back and shoulders feels very feminine and adds a nice touch.

The bottoms: I decided on the Transform High Waist Legging. These high waisted leggings are great for wearing above my waist and pulling all the things in (can I get an “amen?”. And they don’t roll down which is a common problem I have with other leggings. The Transform pants are made with Chakara® compression stretch jersey with moss face finish. These black pants are colored with bluesign, making them bold without polluting the air and water. They fit exactly as I expected and are very true to size. They just feel good.

Coupon code for prAna

Use code AEKHS18 to save 15% off any non-sale prAna items ordered on our website- valid from 3/6 through 4/6/2018.

I felt comfortable on my walk with the girls, and I would feel just as comfortable at the gym or at the grocery store in this outfit. There’s a good chance it will make an appearance again this week, too!

What did you do this week?

GET IN THE PICTURE WITH YOUR KIDS! Who cares what you look like? Who cares how you appear? Who cares what you are wearing? JUST DO IT! Come share your picture on the Facebook thread or use #MommyAndMeMonday!

It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids. Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.  Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friend’s husband.

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