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I’ve been continuing my running, cycling and weight journey. And The older three have been running with their track teams this winter and spring.

Last week while we were walking during one of their runs (I had already done my run), I asked B if she wanted to join at the end of season 5K and she said yes.

Without pressing her anymore, she mentioned that she wanted to start running and training again for it. Friday, I didn’t have a run of my own (but I sure was spent), so we did a 2 mile interval run/walk to get her started.

She’s hypercolor like her mom! If she’s hot, she’s pink or red! We did our run and were proud of our progress.

post run with b mommy and me monday

Saturday, E had science fair in the morning, so we missed a group run. Thankfully, I still needed to do my run, so we did it together. It was even hotter (see pink face), but we got our 45 minute run done and had smiles when we were finished.

She’s definitely ready for the 5K at the end of the track season.

post run with e mommy and me monday

Sunday was my rest day and I needed it. B asked if she could run and I offered to bike with her. Thankfully, N stepped in to help with her training plan. I think it was some good sister bonding. They knocked out 2 miles together!

b and n post run mommy and me monday

Hopefully, we are all ready for our 5K later this year. However, I’m thinking that everybody in the family will be faster than me.

At least that means they will all be there at the finish line to cheer me on!

What did you do this week?

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