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These sisters, when they are together, they are super-stinking cute. AWANA had a family night and E had so much fun being a big kid with her big sisters. She loved hanging out with them and playing the games with them.

Sweet Sisters

Of course, they are all smitten with B. Even if she accidentally grabs their hair or head-butts them.

Sweet Sisters

B, however, isn’t as impressed with her big sisters’ antics. She’s perfecting her side-eye and displaying her annoyance at her sister throwing a fit! Hopefully that means she won’t be taking lessons from her…at least on this one.

Sweet Sisters

Do you or your kids have siblings? How do they feel about them most of the time?

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  1. growing up, it was awesome – then the teenage years had a bit of frustration.. now, it is pretty awesome again 🙂

    1. Oh, I know this. It took my sister and I until like 20 to get along again!

  2. My girls say “I love you” to each other pretty much every day. Now it is not always so huggy/lovey but seeing how much they do love each other is so wonderful!

    1. There are definitely days where there is more screaming!

  3. So adorable! My kids are 3 years apart and pretty fast friends – they have their own interests but love playing together and my daughter pretty much adores her big brother.

    1. So sweet. I would have loved to see how a brother would have impacted things around here.

  4. oh for the love of sister hand holding!! total melt!!

    seriously nothing better!

  5. So sweet! I love sibling love.
    My kiddos are super close. They really miss each other if one of them has a sleepover and is gone. They are always looking for each other from the minute they get up in the morning. “Where’s Joe?” “Where is Ben?” “Is Tommy downstairs?” I love it. Of course they also make each other crazy. But that is how it goes, right?

    1. It’s the sweetest, isn’t it? E even has started to ask where B is if she didn’t notice her get moved.

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