The bad morning I turned around



Our oldest girls needed a change in their room, so beds were taken apart and new ones were researched and eventually purchased right after a yucky ice storm ruined the chances of shopping one weekend.

mornings not going my way

The ice cleared and roads were safe so we took a trip to the store and purchased them. But, good golly, they were/are heavy and had to be assembled. I like assembling things. I like showing off my strength and trying to carry heavy things. But, these boxes were too heavy.

I had committed to assembling the beds for my girls.

Problem #1: They had to be brought upstairs to their room.

Solution #1: I got my super strong neighbor to help me bring them upstairs one morning after the kids went back to school.

I was going to tackle one bed all by myself. And this is where it all went downhill.

Those heavy boxes? We leaned them up against existing furniture in the room. But, I needed to lay them down to open them. No problem. I’ll just slide them down. Right?

mornings not going my way

So, that’s how that went. This shelf was built by my parents and Mr. Serious when I was about 12 weeks pregnant with our oldest. Sure, it’s just a thing, but, man, I was kicking myself.

Problem #2: The directions.

turning my bad morning around

I was that little guy on the left all by myself. I needed to have another little guy to be happy with my assembling skills. For a minute, I thought, “I can do this. I don’t need another person to help.” Then I read that I have to actually turn the bed over! Nope. Can’t do it.

Solution #2: Turn this morning around and build it later with helpers. So, I did.

I hopped in the car, jammed some of my favorite non-kid friendly tunes (Foo Fighters, if you want to know) and went to grab a little morning pick me up in the form of a drink + snack at RaceTrac.

I was frustrated for sure, but greeted with smiling faces ready to help. While they have things like six blends of fresh brewed coffee and fresh donuts delivered daily to classic roller grill items and delicious breakfast sandwiches, I wanted something a little different. I hardly ever drink soda, and a root beer was calling my name. Then, so was the jerky and the salt and vinegar chips (I’ve only met a couple chips I can turn down).

mornings not going my way

Jazzed up and mood improved with good tunes, friendly-faces and a little after breakfast treat, I came home no longer defeated and with a new plan.

I left the other box leaning up against the mattress, sat in the room with the new not-yet-assembled furniture and sipped my root beer and ate my jerky. Mood improved even more.

mornings not going my way

Realizing I couldn’t tackle the bed alone, I waited for the big kids to get home. After all, they were their beds, so they should help put them together, right? Really, they had been asking to help out, too.

Three hours later, one bed was fully assembled. Two big girls were happy they were able to help and one mom who started out feeling defeated, felt accomplished and happy! And, my root beer, jerky and chips were my #WhateverGetYouGoing zen.

Mommy and me monday ikea beds

About #WhateverGetsYouGoing at RaceTrac:

Whether you’re a morning person or not, RaceTrac has a full selection of food and beverages to help get you going any day of the week.  RaceTrac knows that sometimes you just need #WhateverGetsYouGoing in the morning – whether you crave a large coffee or a large Coca-Cola. RaceTrac is here to give you good food that gives you a great start to your day – everything from hot dogs and sodas to egg sandwiches, six blends of fresh brewed coffee and fresh donuts delivered daily to classic roller grill items, RaceTrac has something to help anyone start their morning off right. Whether you’re ending the third shift or heading out into traffic to start your day, mornings can be tough.

If you are having a bad morning, RaceTrac has a great offer to lift your spirits in January: buy a breakfast sandwich, get any size coffee for $0.50. Pretty sweet deal for the coffee lovers out there!

Morningism Left Hook

I’m glad I was able to reset my morning and end with a good one. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can totally turn a morning around for us!

RaceTrac stores are filled with good food for bad moods, what’s your go-to feel good treat?

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  1. I love the carpe AM! 🙂 A tea always resets me, especially if I can drink it while it’s still hot.

  2. Pat Chance says:

    I glad the girls were able to help you with their new beds. I am sure they like them a lot.

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