The Sugar Goblin | The Return of Tricks for Treats with VIDEO


Halloween starts the quarter of the year of candy in our house. All the candy enters and a lot of it is eaten. Honestly, none of us need it, either.

The Sugar Goblin

This year, we’ve welcomed The Sugar Goblin into our home and have organized Goblin Tricks to make the kids laugh. We read all about The Sugar Goblin and his love of sugar and feeding his friends. We also got to meet The Sugar Goblin plush toy. If you like videos, check out the video at the end of this post with our Sugar Goblin experience.

And we met The Sugar Goblin plush toy.

That night, while the girls were sleeping, The Sugar Goblin did a Goblin trick to make the girls laugh. He wrapped up their door so they couldn’t get out in the morning without breaking banner of paper.

In hind sight, I think they shouldn’t have met the plush toy until the trick was done. Good thing he was good at his tricks. I explained that we were just pretending it was Halloween for the pictures.

The Sugar Goblin Tricks

And the girls were super surprised at what happened and to find The Sugar Goblin’s handy work.

The Sugar Goblin Tricks

In exchange for The Sugar Goblin’s tricks, the girls volunteered some of their Halloween candy they collected to help feed the sugar goblin village. (If you see the note, you’ll notice that the girls think I’m going to touch their candy and eat it all. I’m not the sugar goblin village!)

The Sugar Goblin Tricks

Even though the candy wasn’t for me, as a sign of gratitude for being so generous with their candy, they were left a fun toy!

The Sugar Goblin Tricks

The candy I will donate to troops overseas (there are collection places that will send it) and we have less sugar in our house. It’s really win-win for everybody involved.

Buy The Sugar Goblin, and check them out on Facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest.

The girls have really honed their acting skills to help show you exactly how The Sugar Goblin worked in our house! Check out their video.

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  1. This would be really great for my niece and nephew.

  2. Omg I love these books and so do my 4 boys. I can’t wait to order. Iam going to have to get 4 of them so each boy can have there own stuff animal. Then I’ll have to give 3 books away cause I’ll only need 1 book. I love ur blogs they are so helpful. Thanks so much for the great ideas.

  3. Looks like they had fun.
    I’m with you. We don’t need anymore candy around our house either.
    My husband and son eat at least one sweet a day.

  4. The Girls’ faces when they opened the door was priceless! Just so CUTE! I showed this video to my husband and now he wants to do this for our kids.

  5. Elizabeth Kopycinski says:

    This is absolutely adorable

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