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Science is where my heart is, so when the girls get inspired to learn more or do more, yes, that! A reaction between an acid and base is a something you can easily do at home.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a long time and they have a lot of fun! The reaction between acids and bases is such a simple and fun one. AND it’s one that kids can easily visualize as there is a big reaction.

Acids + Bases

But, my oldest wanted to improve on it. You see, in one video we watched, they use lemon juice and have to move very quickly to get the balloon on the bottle once the lemon juice is added to the baking soda. And, their balloon barely blows up.

She wanted more!

So, of course, we had to try it her way, and it was a huge success.

Acids and Bases

With a simple combination of acid (in this case vinegar) and base (baking soda), you will create a gas as your product of the reaction.

What will you need


Baking Soda

Empty bottle with a small mouth opening


Mess-free acids and bases for kids

Take an empty water or soda bottle and pour some vinegar into it.

Take an empty balloon and add baking soda to it.

Once you are ready, set up the water bottle with vinegar and place the balloon on the top, careful not to yet dump the baking soda into the vinegar.

Give an fun countdown (3….2…1) and pour the baking soda end of the balloon into the bottle, and your reaction will start happening.

Chemistry for kids acids and bases
Not only will you be able to see the reaction (look at that balloon), but if you can keep your kids quiet enough!

Check out the video to see how we did it and what it looked like on our very first run through!

I’ll give you a hint, it’s just just about the “ingredients!”

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  1. I’m so happy Dad was a scientist – he used to do these for us often, and this is the way he used to do it. The experiment was ready for presentation at school with no mess. Good for her for figuring it out without seeing it done first. Have ya’ll done the soft boiled egg sucked into a jar yet?!

    1. No, we haven’t done that. I assume there is heat and ice involved?

  2. pat chance says:

    I was hoping for “I saw the sign”. This looks like a lot of fun and a great way to get kids interested in science.

    1. I think you have to pay money to use songs like that in a video that you share…so, you’ll have to pretend!

  3. So glad there are moms like you for moms like me who could NEVER come up with this! 😉 P.S. I now will have “I saw the sign” stuck in my head all day!

    1. I guess I could have had a worse one to get stuck in your head, right? No, that’s pretty bad!

      Well, I have to thank my daughter too because she definitely made it better!

  4. Very cool and love the video! You have a budding scientist!

  5. It’s awesome you are getting your kids interested in science! In our community we’re lucky to have an organization called Science Club for Girls which is all about encouraging girls to get excited about Science – she has her 1st class tomorrow! Given your interest in Science it sounds like many more experiments will be in the future – have fun!

  6. I am pinning this to save for a snow day. They will love it!

  7. Ace of Base! Thanks for the funny throwback (now I’m hearing The Sign in my head!) and the great experiment! I pinned this to come back to save for some after school fun but also for my son’s Cub Scout den!

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