Everybody’s Welcome


I walked into the aerobics studio where I teach my aerobics class yesterday, and I was shocked by this woman’s workout attire. WOW, I really had to have that same outfit. Let me give a visual…think gold lamay. Now that you have that in your head, think way too small, and revealing. We’re talking gold lamay sports bra with spaghetti straps and gold lamay hot pants.

Oh, and you could see right through them. Imagine blue flowery underwear hanging out the top and visible right through the backside. As if a VPL weren’t bad enough. To top it off, she was wearing a sexy 80s style headband right across her forehead and some fluorescent yellow tennies!!! I really wanted to get myself this outfit….if only I had the nerve to ask her where.

I think this woman was sent by my bosses to make sure I was doing my job.

Me: “May I get your name so I can check that you have registered?”

Crazy headband lady (still wearing the sexy outfit): “I am a member here.”

Me: “[Hey crazy lady], everybody has to be a member to get in the building.”

CHL: “I didn’t pay last semester.”

Me: “Well, you should have, and you lucked out. You see this list, this is a list of ALL of the people that HAVE paid for the class [like everybody knows they are supposed to do].”

CHL: “Well, I was told when I became a member that I didn’t have to pay for the classes.”

Me: “[Liar] Again, everybody has to pay to attend these extra classes. It is only $60 per semester.”

CHL: (with a snotty, I know better than you, even though you work here attitude) “Well, I will check with the front desk on my way out.”

Now I know why I am paid so poorly. People think they can get a free lunch. We all know there is no such thing. Next time, she is getting kicked out….I will call for back up if necessary.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have got to get me one of these.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a pair, I’ll send them right over—Bones

  3. Anonymous says:

    KPH didn’t anyone tell you that it’s gold rush at the CRC this week? L-Dog

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