Reusable Valentine’s with Free tic-tac-toe printable and more


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. While Mr. Serious is more of a fan of getting a box cards, writing a name on them and calling it a day, I prefer to get a little more creative. This year, with the help of some of the items from Oriental Trading company sent me (both in their Valentine’s section as well as the rest of the site). All of my girls (3 year old included) have a blast playing tic-tac-toe. It’s a quick and fun game and also a great way to kill some time, if needed.

Free valentine s day tic tac toe printable

So, this year, we are using pencil boxes for our Valentine’s to have a little grab and go case that can be tossed in a bag waiting for a soccer game to start, or even a school bag for homework time. Inside the pencil boxes, are pencils (but of course), a couple tasty Valentine’s candies and a laminated printed tic-tac-toe board (which you can grab and print on your own) with little heart beads in a little organza bag for marking the spots.

Valentine s tic tac toe reusable board


By printing out the board on card stock and then laminating it, the tic-tac-toe board can be used repeatedly without having to throw anything away. Of course, you could print it out and draw on it with the pencils, but the hearts seemed extra fun to me.

Valentine s tic tac toe reusable board laminated

Cutting them with my paper cutter made things go so much faster, too. When you have 4 kids, there are a lot of Valentine’s.

Valentine s tic tac toe reusable board paper cutter

Once it was all ready, into the pencil case it went. I just needed to make sure that there were at least 5 of two different color heart beads so that the game could easily be played.

Valentine s tic tac toe reusable board closeup

I think they are going to be a huge hit this year!

Valentine s tic tac toe reusable board everything


When you go to print them, make sure you are printing on cardstock to a laser printer (preferably), and select the multiple setting for printing several to one page. This is set to print out 12 of them on one piece of standard 8.5 x 11” paper.

free valentine's printable tic-tac-toe

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  1. These are such cute little Valentine’s Kit. I love an idea off the beaten path. I thought of Bananas this year, too! Fruit for the win!

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