Healthy Eating: Holiday Party Survival Guide


The last quarter of the year seems to be the worst time of year for eating healthy, exercising right and taking care of our bodies. Which is really, really silly. It needs to be an all year effort, not half the year or three-quarters of the year. All year.

So, put down that chocolate bar from your kids Halloween bucket and let’s make sure we all don’t gain 20 pounds by the new year.

Healthy Eating: Holiday Party Survival Guide

1. Drink water.

It’s so easy to forget with all of the fancy drinks around, both alcoholic and non, that they all have calories. Calories that aren’t burned result in weight gain. Water is your friend. Drink it.

2. Slow down on the drinks.

If you are having adult drinks, drink a glass of water between adult beverages. Not only does this help prevent you overdoing it, but it also helps you consume less calories. Or make it a spritzer by mixing with half club soda.

3. Eat before you go.

Headed to a party or an event? Eat a snack before you go. Make it count. Some fruit or veggies will help fill up your stomach with low calorie food as well as make sure you are getting vitamins, minerals and fiber.

4. Fruit and veggie trays.

Can’t eat before you go? Make sure you hit up the veggie/fruit tray before finding the cookies and crackers.

Christmas Tree Veggie Tray

5. Watch your portions.

Try to use a small plate if you are eating buffet style. Grab one of anything you want to try and savor it. You’ll enjoy the taste without gorging yourself. When it comes time for dessert, pick one, find a friend and share it.

6. Don’t sit down.

Instead of sitting at the party, walk around and mingle. Keep your body moving. Get those 10,000 steps or 30 minutes of exercise everyday.

7. Toss your plate.

Don’t hold onto that plate. You are more likely to refill it. Get your food, enjoy it and toss the plate. Then, make sure you are drinking lots of water!

8. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day, just do better the next day.

So, you ate a little too much or you sat a little too long. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just do better the next day and get right back on the path to healthy!

Healthy Eating Holiday Party Survival Guide

Hopefully, these tips will help you remember that it’s important to be healthy and stay healthy all year long. Even during the holidays where there is chocolate and cookies and treats around every corner.

What is your best tip for staying healthy during the holidays?

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  1. Great tips, I think eating a healthy snack before you go out to parties is a great idea. Its so hard to fight temptation on an empty stomach.

    1. That tip carries over to grocery shopping, too! I’m the worst about going there hungry!

  2. I will be heading over there. I can use all the tips I can get. This getting healthy is a super rough road.

  3. pat chance says:

    great tips – hate putting on weight during the holidays

  4. I think eating before you head to a family dinner is always best. I try to do it so I will just snack at the dinner rather than fill my plate full of unhealthy food (read: desserts)!!

  5. Love that lead photo – it makes me feel festive! And you’re right – holiday eating is such a healthy routine killer. I always try to eat a calorically valuable snack before heading to an event, but I must admit, it doesn’t always stop me from sampling all my seasonal faves. Still, must try to stick to these tips this year!

  6. These are great Holiday Survival tips! I especially like the suggestion to ditch the plate and keep moving – parties are for socializing after all!

  7. These are really good tips. As always, I’m trying to drink more water and opt for better snacks – I also just signed up for a 5K just before Thanksgiving! I’m hoping I can keep it going throughout December!

  8. I try and do all these things…and yet if I get somewhere sometimes I just can’t hep but revert to wanting to eat everything in sight! Ugh!

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