How to get the kids involved in Father’s Day gifting



My girls are way better at gift ideas and gift giving for Mr. Serious than I ever am. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh, but they come up with great gift ideas on the fly. Last year, it was magnetic pictures for his new cubicle at work and a Best Dad Ever t-shirt. I pick out multiple sets of sunglasses (because he loses and breaks them all.the.time!) It’s safe to say, their gifts just go over better, too!

How to get the kids involved in Father's Day gifting

I think that dads like gifts from the kids better, too. It’s obvious when they’ve had their hand in them. The kids are excited about the giving and the dad is excited that they are excited. Maybe that’s just here?

Ask the kids for their ideas

Have a sit down talk with the kiddos with dad not present and ask them what they want to gift dad for Father’s Day. Really listen to what they want to do or gift.

Make a plan

Use your creative juices to come up with something from what they suggest and tweak it if necessary to make it happen. This time, our girls wanted to make coupons that could be redeemed later.

Give them the supplies they need

For our kids, gifts mean projects. And projects mean a lot of gear and tools. Make sure they have everything they need to make their gift successful. They used a note pad, pens and pencils and a little box. If you want to step it up, a nice box for dad would work nicely here.

Be prepared to help or standby

Now that they have what they want, be prepared to offer as much or as little help as they require. My girls wanted to do it all on their own. So, creative Kindergarten spelling is happening. But that’s what makes it unique and special! I was also available for suggestions or help if they wanted. But, they didn’t! (Otherwise, I would have suggested their coupons be for things that they aren’t already supposed to be doing, but that’s not the point!)

Father's Day Gifts from the Kids

Get it wrapped up

Our coupons went right into the creatively painted treasure chest. Because, yes, treasure! Then it’s wrapped in a gift bag with no less than 15 sheets of tissue paper.

Father's Day Gifts from the Kids

It doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or money to get the kids involved with Father’s Day gifting. I realize this might not work for older kids, but the same principles still hold true and can be carried out in fancier ways. Maybe your child will make a template of similarly designed coupons on the computer. Maybe they come up with a way to take dad to his favorite sport’s game and have to creatively gift the tickets to be redeemed at a later date.

You and your kids will come up with something great to gift to dad for Father’s Day.

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How to get the kids involved in Father's Day gifting

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  1. pat chance says:

    these are great ideas.

  2. The kids and I picked out a few books for Father’s Day but we do need to find a nice way to present them. A treasure chest is a great idea for that.

  3. Sawyer helped me make some DIY Father’s Day coupons this year. I think they make great gifts because it’s all about pampering Dad!

  4. SO cute! I can’t wait until Logan is old enough to do this. Although, I could see Father just doing the chore for her. *sigh*

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