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Last week, at my 16 week appointment, I made “friends” with a new midwife. And, by “friends,” I mean she was pretty much completely unimpressed with me and my opinion and proactive self.

Just like all of the other times, my platelets are low (where I explain it best) during this pregnancy (in fact, not pregnant, they run on the very low side of normal).  It is called pregnancy induced ITP, for those of you medical types.

So, when this new midwife came into the room, she introduced herself and immediately said we were going to draw blood to get a platelet count because they were low last month.  I knew they were low because the nurse called me to tell me that they were low.  I expected it.  I’ve previously had every test under the sun run.  There is no reason for the ITP, they are just low.  So far, I’ve never had any of the other symptoms.

I digress…since I already knew this was the case, I had already planned on declining the test this time.  We pay out of pocket (and it’s about $50 each time for the test) and they don’t do anything.  They just monitor it.  So, what’s the point, right?

You should have seen the look on her face!  How dare I have a say in my medical “treatment!”  She was shocked.  And, of course, it only went downhill from there.  She told me to make sure I put sunscreen on my road rash and I said “not to worry, I don’t go in the sun!”  I then complimented her nice tan, and again, she was insulted “this isn’t a tan.”  Whoops.  (But, she said she gets lighter in the winter, so if it’s not a tan, I don’t know what it is.)

So, yeah, that went well.  Thankfully, the baby sounded good and seems to be doing well!

And, we will be finding out the sex of the baby at the end of the month (the first time we’ve done it!).

(My sister said I looked “ticked off at the world” except she didn’t say “ticked” in my last belly picture, so here’s a genuine 9pm smile at 17 weeks and 2 days).

17 weeks preggo.jpg

Don’t you love the artwork on the wall? The kids have figured out how to roll tape and put their artwork all over our house.  And, it’s just too cute to take down).

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  1. Mr. Serious says:

    You look great honey!!!

  2. Love the happy with the world picture! Boris is getting big!!! Yay! Can’t wait to find out if it’s a girl Boris or a boy Boris. Doesn’t matter to me…it will always be Boris!

  3. Sheesh! Sounds to me like you need a new midwife. Good grief! Aren’t midwives supposed be kind of go with the flow? Aren’t most of them pretty uninvasive in nature? Don’t most of them think the least medical intervention the better? I dont’ know. But yipes. She sounds like a peach! 😉


    You look adorable!!!! 🙂

    1. Pretty sure she’s now on my “no see” list. I better find a couple that I like there.

      That’s what I thought, less invasive, go with the flow. She certainly wasn’t! Definitely a peach!


  4. Hahaha, this post had me cracking up. LOVE it! So funny!

    1. Apparently, I’m quite the pain at the doctor’s office!

  5. Bleh, there’s always someone like that! I had three “friends” during my pregnancy. Everyone else was ok to really good…maybe it made me appreciate them more! LOL at your “nice tan” comment!
    You are one cute baby-bumpin mama.

    1. It really wasn’t meant to be snarky, either…I was just trying to turn things around. Apparently, it didn’t work. I think she thought I was implying she was laying in a tanning bed.

      Thanks, Steph!

  6. Oh, I think we have the right to refuse any tests. I refuse all the tests that are generally wrong in telling you that your baby is sick, deformed, or handicap in some way. Why do I want to stress my pregnancy when I’m not going to do anything until birth anyways? You look great for 16 weeks. I pretty much look like that at 11 weeks lol!

    1. I have to admit, I do want those tests done (the ones that tell me about the baby). Why? Just so I can make preparations and get all of the information and knowledge I can to take the best care of my baby, not that I would do anything, but just to make the transition better.

      But, this test? They do absolutely nothing until like 38 weeks, so what’s the point. All it does is stress me out and there is nothing I can do about it, either!

      Thanks! This is the biggest I’ve ever been at 17 weeks. With my girls, you couldn’t even tell I was pregnant until about 20 weeks.

  7. grandma Pat says:

    You look great. so does the baby. Some people in the medical field are not used to their patients being pro-active. She’ll learn to deal with it. As far as the sun screen goes did she not see how white you are?????

    1. Thanks…love you, too! (but, that’s exactly what I said to her!)

    1. Thanks, Dee! I can’t believe I’m this big…you couldn’t hardly tell with the girls at 20 weeks!

    1. Oh, they love their artwork! our youngest has a life-sized body outline on the back of her bedroom door now!

  8. You should have seen them when I declined to be weighed… lol!!

    Honestly, I’d switch midwives, if you can, get someone you are going to *not* feel weird with come labor and delivery time.

    And you are adorable!!

    1. Oh, I can only imagine..I look away from that one!

      Yeah, I’ve started the “rotation” at the office, because I won’t know who will be on call, but I don’t have to see her again in the office, and decline her services come labor time. So, I won’t be seeing her again!

      You are too kind!

  9. Mr. Serious is too sweet! You do look great! What was up with the midwife…was she having a bad day? Ow…not sure I would could have dealt with her, my hormones are totally out of control now and I probably would have yelled or cried.

    1. Yeah, actually, I think she was. I was her first appointment, and she was running late. I think she took it out on me. Not cool.

  10. I’d decline that test too. Since it’s your 3rd baby, you clearly know what to expect out of the situation.

    Woohoo for finding out what you’re having!

    1. I know…there are quite of few of you that can’t handle the “not knowing”….two more weeks!

  11. Sorry to hear about the less than stellar appointment with your midwife, but loving the new pic! And that kid-hung artwork is really too cute 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jen. I think we need to get something to display it a little better…although, it seems to have worn off a bit.

  12. Wow, sounds like a grouchy midwife.

    I’ve been checking out your blog designs and I love them! I hope I can order one in the near future.

    1. Hopefully, she was just having a bad day!

      Love to help you with a new design when you are ready.

  13. Congratulations – you look wonderful. There’s only one thing missing in the pic at 9 pm when your pregnant – some sort of snack!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, that was probably right before or after a snack:)

  14. I haven’t been to your blog in a while so congrats. I am so excited for you and your family.

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