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We made it up bright and early for church this week. There was motivation of course.

Grace and Eggs. The youth (and their parents) put together a monthly breakfast to raise funds (the eggs part) and they come around to your table and offer a blessing over your family and your food (the grace part). And, there happens to be a lot of bacon.

Motivated and excited about the Grace and Eggs, I didn’t get a group shot of us.

But thankfully (or not), the intersection outside of our neighborhood’s main road has recently been redone. Part of that fun means the timing of the lights isn’t as desirable as we would like. So while we were waiting, the girls leaned over and we grabbed a quick us-ie.

Church stoplight us-ie

When we realized E wasn’t in the shot, we grabbed one more.

Church stoplight us-ie

Then we came home and got to cleaning. We don’t have a basement. Or even a hidden playroom. Which meant all of the things started to accumulate in the living room. Again. So, it was time to clean and purge. Thankfully, the big two were a great help and the little two took naps.

reclaiming my living room

Of course there isn’t an after picture, but we got it done and it feels so much better. There is too much stuff. And now there is a big pile of toys in great condition to be donated.

And not to be forgotten, we used our cereal boxes to create some eclipse viewing boxes when we got word last minute that the glasses the school purchased couldn’t be authenticated.

eclipse viewing boxes

Did you spend your week doing anything with the family? Mr. Serious and I also had friends over for a wine tasting and we are going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before our week starts again.

What did you do this week?

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It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids. Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.  Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friend’s husband.

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  1. Cute “us-ies”! I made a last minutes cereal box viewer too. I was curious to see how it compared plus it gave me a way to watch without straining my neck or staring too long. My son’s school glasses couldn’t be authenticated either. Such a bummer. We got lucky that my husband ordered an extra pair before we even knew the school PTA had purchased some. Regardless, it was a very cool experience.

  2. shelly peterson says:

    Love the selfies. I have been busy attending a lot birthday parties. August and September have a lot of family birthdays in my family.

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