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It’s Sunday night and I’m officially worn out. From the week and from the weekend. Can we please add on another weekend to the weekend? And we’ll make sure to keep that weekend less packed? It’s so hard when you are invited places as a family to see new things and then to hang out with people you haven’t seen in a while. When combined with everything else we need to accomplish, whew! Just whew!

Saturday, we headed to the Fox to catch a showing of Trolls. Sure, we’ve seen it a few times, but not in a giant theater. And not getting to meet Branch and Poppy before seeing the movie.

Mommy and Me Monday with Trolls Branch and Poppy

(B is there…she tells us the characters are fake and knows there are people in them, but still likes to hide and act shy…just look for the pink sweater and red hair.)

There also weren’t fancy cupcakes, gourmet finger food and giant tubs of popcorn. The girls really enjoyed their extra pre-movie treats. Mr. Serious and I enjoyed the great space that the Marquee Club has to offer at The Fox.

cupcakes at the fox marquee club

It was pretty hot and sunny, but we all ventured to the roof top terrace to get a couple pictures with the iconic Fox sign before heading in to see Trolls on the big screen.

the girls at the fox

E is now one baby tooth lighter after this picture, too. The very next day she finally let us pull her “snaggletooth.”

Mr. Serious and I had to get a shot, too.

us at the fox

We had a great time at the movie and overheard so many people leaving expressing how much of a good time they had, too. The only thing that would have made it better is if the words were on the screen and it was a sing-a-long! We’ll have to head back to the Fox to catch the sing-a-long of Moana!

What did you do this week?

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