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House of Mouse | Mommy and Me Monday | 489th ed


Whew!! It’s been a fun week with lots of miles logged…both in the air and on the ground!

B and E and I woke up early Monday morning for our flight to Disney World! They were pretty excited! (And didn’t even complain with their kindles magically deleted all of their downloaded movies!)

Mommy and me Monday airplane

Before we knew it, we were there. We spent our first day at our resort (Art of Animation) and going to Disney Springs for a meal. And, our first run in with Florida summer rain. We are poncho-putting-on experts at this point!

Tuesday we made it to Magic Kingdom for rope drop, and went straight to the rides where we did like 4 rides in less than an hour. After the girls experienced the Magic Carpets, Jungle Cruise and Pirate of the Caribbean, they wanted more!

It turns out these girls are quite the thrill seekers and loved every single roller coaster and ride. But, they couldn’t resist the allure of the spinning and flying rides! We had to do Dumbo, too! (B was so tiny on her first Dumbo ride!)

Mommy and me Monday Walt Disney world with B

We met princesses and characters, too! Because of the rain showers, a lot of them had to take shelter (thunder and lightning, too), but we took advantage of the ones we could meet. 

It’s so funny how the girls come up with all of the questions and then once they meet a princess or somebody else, they get so star struck they can’t say anything!

Mommy and me Monday Walt Disney world with repunzel

See, poncho experts! We even put them on in line at the gates to ride Big Thunder Railroad. Everybody came back soaked on their run so we threw them on. 

I will say, riding a ride in the rain, in the dark is definitely a sensory overload experience. 

Mommy and me Monday Walt Disney world with rain ponchos

Tuesday night, Mr. Serious met us at the hotel and we were ready for day 2 of adventure.

We started in Animal Kingdom.

Mommy and me Monday Walt Disney world animal kingdom safari

We saw a show and rode some rides and once again practiced putting on ponchos.

Mickey and Minnie loved our matching hats!

Mommy and me Monday Walt Disney world animal kingdom safari with mickey and Minnie Mouse

We hopped over to Epcot for some more rides and fun. Then, Grammi took the girls to bed and Mr. Serious and I enjoyed some extra magic hours at Magic Kingdom. 10 miles of walking logged that day! (I don’t know how people do it in flip flops! Tell me how if you do!)

We got home late Thursday night and Friday it was time to pick up the older two girls from camp.

They had a great time, slept outside, experienced similar rain showers and came home dirtier then ever! 

Mommy and me Monday picking up my camper

It’s another adventurous week here with the girls doing camp, and me headed on a girls trip with my mom and sister to Cancun! (Yes, we paid..and we paid for almost everything at Disney, save two press tickets!)

What did you do this week?

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