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Earlier this year, after a conversation with my grandmother, I was inspired to ask if my mom and sister would go on a girls trip with me. Honestly, I thought it would never happen. We all have a million things going on and crazy schedules. But, we made it happen. Sandwiched between a couple trips for all of us, we met up at Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun. 

(This was totally paid for by us, nothing is motivating this post except me, myself and I!)

When we arrived, yep, we thought, this will do!

Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun

It wasn’t a long trip or vacation, but three great nights and four great days away with just the three of us. We did a lot and a lot of nothing at the same time. 

We made sure to hit up the gym at the resort daily. 

Mommy and Me Monday in Cancun le blanc in the gym

And we made sure to take advantage whenever anybody offered to grab our picture. 

Mommy and Me Monday in Cancun le blanc

We took advantage of the yogi and pilates on the paddle boards in the pools. If you haven’t had a chance to do a class like this, do it! It’s quite the workout. Make sure you bring your sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and some shorts or leggings because your booty will be up in the air!

Mommy and Me Monday in Cancun le blanc paddle board yoga

There was also quite a bit of downtime and relaxing. We used our resort credits and enjoyed a cabana on the beach. I kind of thought it was ridiculous that my mom brought us all insulated cups for our drinks, but it turned out to be pretty genius. We never had a drink get too hot or melty. Also, even under a cabana, reapply your sunscreen! Those rays bounce off the water, the sand and the cabana. 

Mommy and Me Monday in Cancun le blanc

We missed getting my sister in with the le blanc sign on the beach. Does the sand and water get any more gorgeous? It was crazy that the sand never got that hot, either. We were able to walk on it without shoes and without burning our feet. 

Mommy and Me Monday in Cancun le blanc

Mom got us super cheesy shirts that we wore together. I’m still not sure why she didn’t get herself a shirt that said “MAMA” on it. I think we need to fix that!

Mommy and Me Monday in Cancun

If you can do it, I highly recommend a sibling/parent, adults only vacation. No, it doesn’t have to be fancy and at an all inclusive resort. It could be renting a cabin, or AirBNB or really just a get away to a local hotel. Take the time to spend with each other and enjoy each other’s company without the crazy of kids and interruptions. It really was a great time and I hope we get to do it again, soon. 

My TripAdvisor Review of Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun:

I came here for a mother/sister girls trip. Our travel agent suggested Le Blanc and I was hesitant but saw amazing reviews here, so we booked it.

The resort is beautiful. Everything is incredibly pristine. The staff are very present and hands on. They really don’t want you to lift a finger. They really don’t tell you no to most any request.

Our night butler, Santiago was always a welcome and smiling face and happy to help with whatever our needs were, from putting oils in the diffuser in our rooms to making sure our airport transportation was available.

The yoga and Pilates water instructor Omar, was the self professed “nicest instructor” here. He’s that lovable, sweet instructor that says to do something crazy and hard and you do it because he told you too. The water yoga and Pilates are fabulous. You will be sore! Also plan on wearing shorts or pants (he even advised us the day before). The gym is gorgeous and has top of the line equipment.

We used some of our resort credits for a beach cabana (tip, put on sunscreen frequently even with the cabana). Daniel was our server. He was always there even when we didn’t know we needed him. He noticed when we got up and went to the beach and had a bucket of water for us to rinse our feet when we returned. He made sure our ice water was always cold and refilled and made sure our drink glasses were full when requested.

We also used resort credits for mani pedi and Karina and Manuel were fabulous.

All of our drinks were amazing and quickly made and delivered. Room service had amazing options. All of the food wasn’t ridiculously oversized servings. It was fresh and tasted delicious.

June seems to be a slower time in this area (crowd wise) and I didn’t find it to be any hotter than a trip to Jamaica in January. There was always a poolside chair available and somebody ready to put a towel on your chair, bring you a drink and/or food.

This is a smaller resort and all focused in one building so you don’t have to walk all over to get from place to place. The beds were comfortable and the option to get a different pillow is a nice touch.

If I had to pick one negative thing, I would say the chairs in the rooms need something under them to prevent the dragging noise from being heard from room to room. Maybe something soft on the bottom so they slide better on the hard floor.

We are looking to come back soon and/or also visit one of their sister resorts with our kids!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Nancy E Loring says:

    How I would love to take a trip to Mexico with my daughter. we would have so much fun. We did take a trip to Ireland a few years ago and boy did we have some laughs and great memories.

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